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ICOM is the oldest acupuncture college in UK. The only one where you will learn how to integrate classical Chinese Medicine and contemporary acupuncture, Five Elements, TCM and Stems and Branches.

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Founded in 1972 by Dr. J.D. van Buren

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Welcome from the joint Principal Penny Kharroubi

Welcome from the joint Principal Sam Patel

Patients' feedback

I came today crying with pain and all sorts of swelling...

Now that Leigh has treated me with needle points and lots of massage I feel over the moon. Thank you so much. Bless you!

Zarina Hudda

I've always feared needles..

so I was very concerned about my first acupuncture treatment. I was impressed by how thoughtful and considerate the student was and my fears were soon forgotten. Since then I’ve returned for various other sessions and always come away feeling relaxed. I have to share my experience of my last session as it really impacted my week. I had come in after a foot operation and had been feeling tired, drained and in pain. I left the session feeling uplifted and after that I could feel that the toxins that had been playing with my emotions, body and mind had been removed. Thank you for all the support!

Marion Burgess

Monica, Ralitsa, Harry and Elio saw me today...

There were so many moments in the session that I felt seen, met and heard. At times when having pulses taken I felt that spark of being so connected to and cared for. Elio was outstanding in his explanations and understanding. The students were beautiful in presence and inquiry.


I have found the treatment to be very very effective...

I should have tried years ago!

Carole of Earlswood

I have been coming to ICOM since 2009...

And have always found it to be warm and welcoming. At present seeing Tom Ings since 2014. I have always found Tom to be very professional and very caring and have had some amazing results with him. frequent bronchitis now gone.

Linda Joanna Hall

Welcome to the oldest acupuncture College and Clinic in the UK originally founded by Dr. van Buren in 1972 and still a vibrant learning centre thanks to the dedication and passion of our teachers, students, graduates and very supportive staff. In the videos above our Joint Principals give you an overview of the key aspects of ICOM and our training, highlighting some of the reasons why people from many parts of Europe choose this college.

If you are considering a career in acupuncture you’ll find extensive information on this website about our part-time and full time courses accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. However, to get a real feel of the special atmosphere around this unique college, and to better explore the opportunities available to you, you may want to visit ICOM in person, come along to one of our Open Days or arrange an informal visit when at a time more convenient to you. Information about becoming an ICOM student and news about the local area are also available in our ‘Prospective Students‘ page (in the ‘Students and Alumni’ section).

ICOM students can find news about events coming up, what happens at graduation, our seminars, trips and other student activities in our Current Students page. We are also creating a special area for our Alumni, with whom we would love to stay in touch; we’ll be publishing news about their clinics, teachings, interesting publications, and any other relevant activities that they are willing to share.

The journey of the acupuncturist is one of constant self-development, reflection and lifelong learning. As the experience deepens, so does the need to enhance one’s skills and knowledge; at ICOM we also offer a high quality CPD programme covering a wide variety of topics, delivered by experienced tutors and practitioners. Please look through the courses available, check the entry requirements and book your place online in our CPD section.

Course information

Our main aim is to inspire first and then form proficient acupuncturists able to integrate Classical Chinese Medicine teachings in a contemporary clinical setting. Find more about our inspiring Acupuncture Courses or contact us directly

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Clinic Information

Serving our community for more than forty years our college clinic is a reference point for acupuncture in the South of England. We offer many different treatment options. Find out more about our practice or inquire directly

Past students talked about the popular acupuncture college, ICOM

If you're resident in London whilst attending a degree course at ICOM, you're entitled to apply for the 18+ Oyster card that gives you 30% DISCOUNToff the price of Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

30% off Travelcards, Bus & Tram Pass season tickets if you’re resident in London whilst attending a course at ICOM.

Students talk about reasons for joining ICOM and the course

This has truly been a special and soul stirring journey that has tested and nourished me at multiple levels. To all the ICOM teachers, deepest thanks for being able to transfer your passion for our profession in your own individual awesome ways. Having previously completed two degrees, I have never seen such dedication to teaching and care for students in all my various interactions with educational establishments. It has been a privilege to study here. Here’s to a lifetime of deep connections, fun reflections and needles!

Dhivya Sivanesan

2015 ICOM graduate

What makes ICOM special

The course totally transforms your being, giving you physical, spiritual and intellectual life skills.

It was amazing being immersed in study for three years! ICOM gives students an exceptionally solid and deep Knowledge, allowing us graduates to feel confident enough to use these many tools to give treatments even at the early stages of practice.

Madina Palmos

2015 ICOM graduate


Full-time – 3 years Part-time – 4-5 years Mostly 2-days per week attendance 1 for partimers


Full-time – 3 years Part-time – 4-5 years Largely on alternate weekends through the year, a few weekdays also included.

Post Graduate Courses

At least once a month High quality Acupuncture CPD opportunities for all acupuncturists designed to enhance your professional and personal development.

Open Days

Have a “feel” for the college and course so that you can decide whether you would like to study with us. Book your place on one of our Open days. Available places currently on:

Wednesday 28 February 2018; Wednesday 25 April 2018; Friday 13 July 2018.

Request our prospectus

If you would like to download our prospectus, please follow this link and join our mailing list. Your details will be kept confidential.

Admissions, Fees and Funding

Everything you need to to know about how to apply, our admission and funding policy. Go straight to the application form

Maximum students per year


Graduates since 1972

Our Acupuncture Course is based on a thorough grounding in the classics of Chinese Medicine and Philosophy. In addition to receiving a broad based education in classical and contemporary acupuncture approaches: Yin Yang, Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – at ICOM you will also be taught about the contemporary application of the classical Chinese Stems & Branches philosophy. ICOM is the only College to teach Stems and Branches to such an advanced level and to teach the practical clinical application of this philosophy.

ICOM mission is to be a centre of excellence for acupuncture teaching, healthcare and research by the contemporary application of classical acupuncture.

Past graduates of the college are some of the current leading figures in the professional arena, including educators, writers and leaders of Acupuncture’s professional body. Past students from our acupuncture colege Our current faculty have vast experience in education and professional expertise; our teaching staff include two Doctors of Philosophy, an Executive Committee member of the British Acupuncture Council, and the former Principal of the British School of Osteopathy.

Easy to reach from all the South England and Europe

Conveniently located near Gatwick Airport, just outside London, there are excellent train links with London Victoria & London Bridge. We also offer FREE onsite parking for those who find it more convenient to drive.

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