Admissions, Fees and Funding

Applications are accepted year round with no application fee charged




Applications are accepted all year round. There is no application deadline however there may be a discount available for early applications – more detail available below in the Fees section of this page. Please Note that

We do NOT charge an application fee.

Complete online (apply online) or paper application form (download here) and return to us at the College:


Student Admissions

International College of Oriental Medicine – ICOM

Van Buren House, Green Hedges Avenue, East Grinstead, RH19 1DZ

Once your application has been received we will call you to arrange an interview either on the afternoon of our next Open Day, or another date that is convenient for you.

If you have not heard from us within 2 days after submitting an online application, or 3 days for paper applications, depending on postage, then please do get in touch – 01342 31 31 06


Interviews are available most days during the week and we can accommodate your availability. They last just half an hour and you will be asked to bring:

  1. 2 x recent passport sized photos
  2. Passport
  3. Original certificates for your qualifications (GCSEs, A-Levels, NVQ, Degree or further education qualifications)

After your interview you should hear back from us within a week to 10 days – the closer we get to the start of term the sooner we will try to get back to you so you have as much time to make your decision as possible.

If you’ve been offered a place on the course you can accept your place in writing (email is fine) and secure your place with a £400 Registration fee. Please note this registration fee is not refundable.

Once your Registration fee has been received you will receive a starter pack in the post with your full timetable and any information you need 3-4 weeks before you start with us in September.   Applicants for the BSc Hons Acupuncture Course can now APPLY ONLINE.


Not quite ready for an interview?

If you’re not ready to make a formal application at this stage, you are welcome to have an informal chat on a one-to-one basis with a member of our teaching team.  You can ask questions about the acupuncture training course, talk about your own position and your thoughts.

We offer timed slots for personal informal discussions straight after the main Open Day sessions – please contact Leeanne Kingston on 01342 313106/7 to book your slot.

Please be aware that we have to limit the time to around 10 minutes due to popularity.

Entry Requirements

As an independent college we have a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to the entry requirements for our Acupuncture Course. Ideally, candidates will meet the requirements from the list below, however in reality we realise that people come from all sorts of backgrounds, might have been out of academia for a while and may lack some formal qualifications. If you are a mature student (over 21) lacking in formal qualifications, but who can demonstrate enthusiasm, determination, and experience which suggest that the you have an equal opportunity to succeed on the programme, we are still keen to hear from you. Standard entry requirements for candidates are a minimum as follows:

  • A level UCAS Tariff 260 points, A-levels including biology and/or another science subject.  Key skills acceptable for inclusion in offers.
  • GCSE (minimum grade C) At least 5 subjects including English language and mathematics
  • International Baccalaureate Individually assessed
  • QAA approved access course Acceptable, subject specific units
  • HND/HNC Individual assessment
  • IELTS (English proficiency) Level 6.5 overall, level 6 in writing

Entry is restricted to applicants of 18 and over.


Please see our course fees below. ICOM endeavours to support students wherever possible; if you are concerned about fees, we are happy to work with you to create a more manageable, flexible fee payment plan to suit you.

We offer you excellent training and facilities at the best possible value to you – you will see that ICOM is able to keep fees well below the standard university tuition fees, whilst still providing your BSc (Hons) acupuncture degree  through our partnership with the University of Greenwich. As a Registered Charity the College is a non-profit making organisation and endeavours to keep fees as low as possible. However, the College reserves the right to increase fees annually. Similarly the university affiliation fee is subject to increases. 

Please also note that our course is designated for students to apply for student loan funding. For further information please see below the section Funding Options


Year 1 £ 5,950
Year 2 £ 6,350
Year 3 £ 7,900


Year 1 A £ 3,570
B £ 3,570
Year 2 A £ 4,000
B £ 4,000
Year 3 Full-time only £ 7,900 

 In addition there is an annual university affiliation fee payable by each student. This is currently £800*.


Fee Payment Options

Registration Fee

This is required in advance to secure your place on the course. Although this Registration Fee is non-refundable, this amount will be deducted from your Year 1 fees on enrolment. The Registration Fee is currently £400.00

University Affiliation Fee

This is currently £800 which is paid to Greenwich University when you enrol. It is an annual fee that enables you to register as a student of Greenwich University, giving you the right of appeal to the University and access to the student portal and on line facilities, such as e-journals/publications held by Greenwich library. You are also given access to the library at Greenwich. The University oversee the assessment process ensuring University standards are met at ICOM.

Fee Payment Options

Programme Fees are payable in advance, or on the first day of the course. A Deposit of £ 400 is required in advance to secure your place at the college. This Deposit is non-refundable but this amount will be deducted from your Year 1 fees.

Payment Option 1

If you pay the full fee for the year on or before 31st July 2017, you will receive a discount of £ 150.

Payment Option 2

If you pay the full fee for the year on or before the first day of the academic year, in September 2016, you willreceive a discount of  £ 100.

Payment Option 3

After receipt of the £ 400 Registration Fee Year 1 Students can pay fees in two instalments:-


  • £ 3,600 (includes £ 800 University Affiliation Fee) on the first day of term in September 2017
  • £ 2,750 on 3rd January 2018


  • £ 2,460 (includes £ 800 University Affiliation Fee) on the first day of term in September 2017
  • £ 1,520 on 3rd January 2018
  • (In Years 2 and 3 you can pay in 3 equal instalments, in September, January and April for both Full and Part time mode)

Payment Option 4

After receipt of the £ 400 Registration Fee Year 1 Students can pay fees in four installments:WeekDAY – September 2016


  • £ 3,350 (includes £ 800 University Affiliation Fee) on the first day of term in September 2017
  • 3 x instalments of £ 1,000 each on 30 Nov 2016, 30 Jan 2017, 30 March 2017


  • £ 1,990 (includes £ 800 University Affiliation Fee) on the first day of term in September 2017
  • 3 x installments of £ 660 each on 30 Nov 2017, 30 Jan 2018, 30 March 2018

Year 2 and 3 Payment Options

In Years 2 and 3 you can pay in 3 x instalments:

  • in September, January and April – for both full-time and part-time courses starting in September

Where students qualify for an exemption from part of the programme, a small administration charge will be added to the reduced fees payable.

What happens if I am unable to pay my fees on the due dates?

You must contact the Student administrator’s Office before the beginning of term to discuss your situation. If you do not pay your fees by the due dates, interest will be charged on late payments at the rate of 6% p.a. compound. Students may be excluded from classes, clinics or examinations if fees are unpaid 30 days after the due date. The College will go through a reminder process that will result in your exclusion from classes, clinics or examinations if fees remain unpaid 30 days after the due date.

NB: Student Loan Company (SLC) Funded Students
If you are funding your studies with a Student Loan, you will be required to show confirmation of this prior to, or upon, registration at the College. You will be required to pay £1,000 upon registration (Registration Fee). SLC will pay tuition fees direct to the College direct at periods throughout the year. Once the final SLC funding has been paid, and in full, a refund of any excess monies will be made to you after the college fees or any other outstanding debt amount has been met. This refund is usually in May of each year.

Refund Policy

ICOM is a small independent educational charity. Please note that if you withdraw from the programme, for whatever reason:

Between the beginning of term 1 and the end of term 1 –  you will be liable to pay 50% of the fee for the academic year for the programme of study for which you are registered + the University Affiliation Fee.

Between the end of Term 1 and the end of Term 2 – you will receive a refund of 25% of the programme fee for the year.

At any time after the last day of Term 2 – you are not entitled to any refund. A refund will only be given if you have paid for the whole year in advance.  If you decide to “interrupt” or defer your studies you may offset your “unused” fees paid against those due upon your return to study.

PLEASE NOTE: When you return to your studies after an interruption you will be required to pay the current University of Greenwich Affiliation fee and the current ICOM fees.


Apply on line

Fill this online form and speed up the application process
Refund Policy

This policy applies to a student who withdraws from, or interrupts (defers), their studies.
The University Affiliation Fee is not subject to refund.
A refund will only be given if the student has paid for the whole year in advance.

  • Between the beginning of Term 1 and the end of Term 1: The refund will be 50% of the programme fee for the year.
  • Between the end of Term 1 and the end of Term 2: The refund will be 25% of the programme fee for the year.
  • At any time after the last day of Term 2: Students are not eligable to a refund.


Funding Options

For full details of full/part time source funding options and online application please visit

Full time Course

If you are taking our course full time and have not previously received government funding, you are entitled to apply to the Student Loan Company for a student loan for tuition fees; this would fund part of your ICOM fees each year. For more information visit The Student Loan Company at . Student loan money is paid directly to the College, in three instalments, but not until October, March and May following the start of the course in September. (For students starting in April the student loan is paid in three installments in July, October and January.) If you are funding your studies with a Student Loan, you need to show your University Payment Advice from the Student Loan Company, when you register. You will also be asked to pay £1,000 upon registration. Excess money received once your SLC funding has been paid in full, will be refunded immediately it is received in May.

Part Time Course

You need to tell the Student Loan Company that you are studying 50% of a full time course. Please visit for more information about applying for finance.

Professional and Career Development Loans

Professional and Career Development Loans are bank loans that can be used to help pay for work related learning. You can borrow between £300 and £10,000 to help support the cost of up to two years of learning (or three years if it includes one year’s relevant unpaid practical work). The Learning and Skills Council will pay the interest on the loan while you are learning and for one month afterwards. The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries. Because the Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan product, they should only be considered as an option once all other student funding options have been investigated. For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit or contact Careers Advice on 0800 100 900.


You may be able to find a charitable trust willing to help finance your course or to sponsor you. Ask at your local library or try an internet search.