Professional Development

We aim to produce high quality CPD opportunities for all Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine graduates. Some of our events are also open to third year students of a recognised Acupuncture course. As the experience of the licentiate acupuncturists deepens, the need to enhance their skills and expand their Knowledge increases. All health professionals have a duty to stay up to date in order to be able to offer the best possible care to their patients. Professional and personal development is seen as a life-long learning process and we encourage all students and graduates to take responsibility for their own independent learning wherever appropriate.

Before booking any of the listed events, please check the Entry Requirements for each CPD. Most of the CPDs will only be bookable up to one week prior to the event date.To avoid disappointment, If you wish to attend one of the events listed here, but are not ready to make your booking yet, it is advisable that you email to check availability and reserve your place temporarily if possible. For Practical Acupuncture Courses evidence of your qualification is required. Students of a recognised acupuncture course in their final year of study can sometimes participate in practical CPDs, having had hours of practice in clinic and with the understanding that they will not be allowed to use some of the techniques learnt until registered and appropriately insured. Please email us with any queries about our CPD.

ICOM Students and Staff please email before booking.

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