ICOM Alumni

What have our former students been up to after graduating?

News from ICOM graduates are now gradually being added to our website. This page will contain profiles and quick news / messages about and from our graduates.

Wishes from

Charlie Buck

“Carry on the good work, ICOM is a remarkable institution, I have such fond memories of my time at Green Hedges House all those years ago”


Charles Buck

Charles Buck

Practitioner and Educator

Charles is an experienced practitioner, educator and recognised authority on Chinese medicine. His career has spanned multiple disciplines including medical sciences and the theory and practice of clinical oriental medicine. After graduating in 1984 he  helped pioneer the teaching and practice of Chinese herbal medicine in the UK including a role as the founding director of the UK’s first college-based course. Awarded an acupuncture MSc in 2000, he has worked both as a supervisor and External Examiner for various University TCM higher degrees. Clinically Charles has gained specialist skills in fertility, cancer care and dermatology and for 25 years has taught these and other subjects extensively across the EU. In 2014, he published a textbook on the historical development of Chinese medicine. Wishing to be maximally effective as a practitioner, educator and author he gained the skills required for effective communication; self-studying PR, behavioural sciences and taking formal training in NLP. Well-placed to contribute to the advancement of our profession Charles accepted a call to serve the BAcC and completed a 3-year term as Governing Board Chair in 2015. Acting politically in the UK and EU he has seen some important achievements during this time. Charles now works with the RCHM, BAcC, ATCM and the US-based Acupuncture Now Foundation, to raise awareness of the contribution we can make to healthcare today. He says, “I feel honoured to have enjoyed a prominent career in a community of practitioners of such calibre and integrity”.



Sue Kalicinska

Sue Kalicinska

B.Ac., M.B.Ac.C., L.C.S.P.(Assoc), B.Sc., M.Sc., D.I.C.

After graduating in 1987 Sue, Founding member of the British Acupuncture Council, has worked intensively  and specialised in Traditional and Facial Acupuncture, Therapeutic massage, Colour healing.
She also offers “Sounding the Colours of Life” (personal facilitation): 1-2-1 and workshops Yi Jing consultations and has clinics available in Belgravia, Fulham and Farnham.

News from Rebecca Wheatley

Our tutor and practitioner Rebecca has sent news from China where she’s on a placement through the Confucius Institute, part of an exchange program that sees a number of Chinese Doctors from Harbin come to the BAcC conference in September.

 ‘We are observing different clinics…they are all separated into western med departments.  So I’ve been to Neurology, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Tuina. Tomorrow we’re seeing gynaecology and Nephrology.  Very protocol based but observed some interesting treatments. It’s -6 degrees here at times and no heating….cold!!! Very western med approach to acupuncture… more CM diagnosis used in herbs.  Up to 80% of patients have a stroke…high risk up here in the North due to cold and high salt, fat and sugar diet.  Scalp acupuncture used on every patient with same protocol of body points for everyone. Needles inserted at lightening speed as the doctors often treat 100 patients just in the morning.  Impressive needling but hygiene boundaries interesting!!’


Kam Winchester

Kam Winchester

Acupuncturist and Masseur

ICOM has given a new purpose to Kam,
Since graduating from ICOM in 2014, Kam has been working as an acupuncturist at the home based clinic called Acupuncture in Eden and at Options Beauty Salon in Edenbridge High street. Kam is also specialised in facial acupuncture, Swedish full body massage and maternity massage and runs a multi bed community clinic every Saturday. Details can be found on www.acupunctureineden.co.uk
Valia Dimaraki

Valia Dimaraki

Acupuncturist and Bodywork practitioner

Fresh out of ICOM, Valia graduated in March 2015!
With a background in Paralympic Sport and other major events, she has a keen interest in treating acute as much as chronic health problems, which was also the subject area of her dissertation.
Following a month volunteering in Nepal in a multi-bed clinic where patients came as they would to an A&E or GP Practice, she had the opportunity to treat a large range of patients from toddlers to elderly, to see the strength of acupuncture for acute conditions (injuries, fevers, acute inflammatory, skin and other conditions) and to deepen further her understanding of Chinese Medicine. Since 2012, she also volunteers once a week at a rehabilitation centre in Camden offering group therapy auricular acupuncture. 
In addition to acupuncture she is a keen bodywork practitioner seeing them as complimentary practices and also offers massage at ICOM.
Valia also practices in London.
Nicola Rycroft

Nicola Rycroft


Since graduating, Nicola has set up her home clinic in Norwich, Norfolk. This is called the Three Treasures Clinic – named both in honour of her daughters, and after the Three Treasures of Humanity in Chinese Medicine. Nicola also works at The Rowan House Centre, a Health and Wellbeing Centre in a nearby village where she enjoys interaction with other health practitioners. She feels very honoured to be able to practice Acupuncture and is proud of her ICOM roots.


Simon Casciano

Simon Casciano

Lic Ac, MBAcC, BA, BSc

Since graduating from ICOM Simon has continued to nourish the two great passions of his life: music and ‘Classical’ / ‘Stems & Branches’ Acupuncture, which he defines ‘the very gentle art which has prevention of illness as its goal’.
Simon has been practising mostly in Forest Row and London Covent Garden. He uses very few needles and encourages his patients to take an active role in their recovery, educating them on stress resilience, causation, prevention and offering them valuable self-care skills.

Alexandra O'Connor


Alexandra works in conjunction with a local osteopathic clinic, where her main area of focus is to work with patients suffering with conditions that go beyond simple, physical trauma; “if any of these systems slips out of balance your whole system can be affected, creating a pattern of seemingly unrelated symptoms frequently seen in people suffering from long-term, chronic conditions such as IBS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia, depression & menstrual irregularities”.Alexandra feels that the Classical Chinese medicine theories taught at ICOM have provided her with a fresh perspective on such conditions and enable her to tackle contemporary health problems with ancient wisdom. “In clinic I take in details about the patient’s signs and symptoms and how they interrelate according to Heaven, Earth and Man, 5 Elements or 6 Divisions, and I also take note of the patient’s Stems and Branches and their Four Pillars of Destiny, then I look to the Open Hourly Points and Eight Methods of the Sacred Turtle. I roll this myriad of information around in my mind to select point combinations that feel appropriate from many different perspectives. Once the information is in, then the creativity starts to happen, the point at which acupuncture feels as though it is a form of healing art”.