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Ma Litang Hammer Treatment and Eye Qigong: a very effective method for common eye diseases with Giulia Boschi 21-22/04/2018

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A very relaxing treatment where a number of points in a meridian circulation, depending on the eye problem, is hammered with a rubber hammer. Often improvements  are seen from the very first treatment.The method combines passive therapy (patients receiving rubber hammer stimulation) and active self-therapy (Ma’s style Qigong). Different basic protocols and qigong exercises are aimed at different ailments.This introductory course will focus mainly on the chuiliao  protocols and eye qigong for common simple problems such as myopia and farsightedness.


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Course Description

In the last years of his life, the famous physician and Qigong master Ma Litang abandoned the use of needles and focused on his peculiar chuiliao  (health regulating hammer technique) treatment. His daughter Ma Xuzhou, whom Giulia Boschi has collaborated for over 20 years with, brought this method to Europe. A complete three years successful course, centred on the use of chuiliao for eye problems, was offered to health professionals at the Health Unit n. 10 in Florence for six years (2006-2012). Giulia Boschi has been given the lineage to continue the teaching of the Malitang method.

Through a mix of theory, Qigong exercises and practice with the Malitang Hammer the delegates will learn

  • Ma’s family method for locating points “in a run” to practice chuiliao  and underlie a few point locations that are slightly different from the common standard, according to Ma’s family tradition.
  • How to perform a complete “small circulation” protocol with the rubber hammer, including manual anqiao  treatment of points on the head.
  • The simplest form of Jianmu gong  (Qigong to strengthen the eyes) and how to teach it to patients.

This is the first level of treatment. After months of practice the delegates would be able to attend subsequent sessions to deepen their knowledge and complexity of treatment.

Date and Times

Saturday and Sunday 21 st and 22nd April 2018 from 9.30 to 5 pm  – Twelve hours CPD.

Venue: International College of Oriental Medicine, East Grinstead. Precise details will be emailed to attendees closer to the date.

Entry Requirements

The Course is open to acupuncture, tuina, shiatsu, chinese herbs practitioners and students in their final year of a recognised acupuncture course. We will require evidence of qualification and professional registration for this CPD. Knowledge of the points of the head is required. Please email elisabetta.iandolo@orientalmed.ac.uk before making your booking.


Giulia Boschi,  WFAS licensed acupuncturist since 2009, practises Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapy at her clinic in Rome. After achieving a first in her BA in Oriental Languages, she obtained a degree in Qigong at Peking University, and later graduated again with a first in Physiotherapy at La Sapienza University in Rome.

Professor of Chinese Medical Terminology and Chinese Culture at UNINT Rome’s University of International Studies,  honorary President of O.T.T.O. (Italian professional association of Tuina-Qigong practitioners) and Member of the executive Committee of ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association), Giulia has taught Chinese Medicine at various Institutions such as the Institute for advanced Holistic Medicine at Urbino University (Master in Chinese Medicine); the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome (Master in Acupuncture and Chinese Massage);  La Sapienza university in Rome and the International School of Advanced and Integrated Medicine; more recently she has taught at the School of Chinese Medicine in Germany (Heidelberg), at the Italo-Chinese Acupunture School  and the Igea Shiatsu school in Rome. She has written and translated many articles and books about Chinese Medicine in italian among which the Translation of Li Xiaoming’s Metodo pratico di autoelevazione con il Qigong tradizionale cinese (Practical Method of Self-training with Traditional Chinese Qigong); her influential book ‘Medicina Cinese: La radice e i fiori, corso di sinologia per medici e appassionati’ (Chinese Medicine: Its Root and Flowers; a Sinology Course for Physicians and amateurs); ‘Italy’s renewal of trust in Acupuncture and On Evidence Based Acupuncture’ (Physicians Digest)’; ‘Riverberi del mistero femmina in Medicina Tradizionale Cinese’ (Reverberations of Female Mystery in Traditional Chinese Medicine); ‘La perla e la palude, i punti Ze nel Lingshu 30’ (The pearl and the swamp, the zé points in Lingshu 30) and many others.

Website: http://www.giuliaboschi.com/


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