Polishing Your Needle Skills with Charles Buck 28-29/10/2017


Skilled needle technique is fundamental to professional acupuncture practice. This session is intended to enhance understanding of this crucial aspect of our work, first by systematically reviewing the basic methods and the thinking behind them. Building on this, participants then progress to study more advanced techniques including qi propagation, cooling and warming needle methods.


Course Description

By the end of the 2 day session participants will have gained a good understanding of standard acupuncture needle technique as it is taught in TCM universities in China. They will also have learned when and how to apply the more advanced methods mentioned earlier.

Using a combination of classroom teaching, practice drills with practice pads and supervised live practice we first revisit all the basics of good needling theory and practice in a clear and systematic way. We look at location, methods of insertion, hand position, obtaining qi, needling depths, acting on qi, acupuncture ‘dose’, etc. and learn some exercises to improve technique. The sense behind these methods is discussed and in class we will follow videos demos before moving on the practice in pairs in clinic. We then go on to explore the use of these methods in some more advanced techniques including propagated needle sensation, burning mountain fire method and cool abyss method. The applications of these techniques are discussed. About 50% of the session is spent in classroom lecture and practice and the rest is spent practising these techniques.

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for final year students of a recognised acupuncture course and qualified acupuncture practitioners. Many who have attended previously have been in practice for 2 or 3 decades. It is unsuitable for pregnant women. The discussions with include classical TCM concepts, understanding of which will be assumed.


  • Dates: Saturday 28 October 2017 & Sunday 29 October 2017 from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Venue: The International College of Oriental Medicine, van Buren House, Green Hedges Avenue, East Grinstead RH19 1DZ

Tutor: Charles Buck

TCM appeared in the UK when I was at ICOM (’81-84) and I spent some time trying to understand the various needle manipulations mentioned by the new sources that appeared at that time. By the time I went to study in Shanghai in 1990 I imagined I’d ‘got’ it but my technique just drew crowds and amusement. So I was determined to steal everything I could of their expertise. In 1993 the NCA invited me to run a needle technique post-grad seminar and I then joined the faculty teaching acupuncture and heading the UK’s first college-based CHM course there. Since then I gained an MSc on Chinese medicine theory (2000), and worked variously as MSc supervisor at NCA, MSc External Examiner for Wmin and LCTA and Copenhagen’s Skolen for Akupunktur. I have lectured extensively in the UK and EU, presented numerous sessions at conferences and published many articles in journals such as the JCM. In 2014 I published a major textbook on Chinese medicine history. For six years I sat on the BAcC Research committee and served as BAcC Chairman from 2012 to 2015. I currently sit on the Council of the RCHM am involved in international work dedicated to advancing this medicine in the west. I have been honoured with Fellowships from the BAcC and the RCHM.

I have presented this session in groups of 24 to over 1000 practitioners in the UK and EU and received consistently excellent feedback. For some time at CICM there was a year or more’s waiting list to attend this course and it became the basis of their needle technique teaching as well as that of at least two schools in the EU.


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