A unique insight into ICOM’s acupuncture courses

Here is a unique insight into the level of acupuncture training offered at ICOM from two of it’s recent graduates, Suzie Broad and Rebecca Wheatley.

The International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) is an acupuncture training college in the heart of the south east of England. Established in 1972, ICOM is the oldest acupuncture training centre in the UK and was founded by world renowned acupuncture master, Dr. Van Buren. 

Since it’s beginnings in 1972, ICOM has continued to turn out highly skilled acupuncturists that have gone on to become masters and industry leaders in their own right. Several of ICOM’s graduates are not only practitioners of acupuncture but also authors of very prominent books that are now used as primary texts in acupuncture training colleges throughout the world. Others have gone on to become lecturers and key note speakers at significant seminars and conferences that are held globally.

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