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An Introduction to the History of Acupuncture

The history of acupuncture is indeed fascinating and varied. From its origins to the present day, acupuncture has undergone many changes. Below is a table showing its chronological development through the different dynasties.  A review of the history of acupuncture...

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Learn Acupuncture – ICOM Taster Days

10th September 2014 - 9am - 1:30pm Interested to learn acupuncture? Then you'll be very pleased to hear that ICOM is offering a taster day to give you first- hand experience of what it would be like studying this fascinating and rewarding subject. Welcome and...

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Congratulations to our new ICOM Graduates!

On Friday we were very pleased to acknowledge our newest graduates and welcome them into the very rewarding profession of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. These graduates now join a long lineage of acupuncture professionals, descended from the late and world...

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8 Healthy Tips for the Summer

Now that summer is well and truly here we want to be healthy enough to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are eight healthy tips to help keep you in tip-top condition this summer. Get on the berries Take the opportunity to enjoy some summer fruits like blackberries and...

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The Healing Sounds of Bells – a special instrument

Saturday 27th September 2014 at 7pm You are invited to attend a meditative Bells music event performed by Sandor Szilagyi, Registered Sound Massage Therapist from Budapest. Embark on a sound journey to your inner self. Sandor is travelling to East Grinstead to give a...

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5 Things You Need to Know About Acupuncture Courses

Acupuncture is a fascinating and highly rewarding subject however, many people know little about this ancient medicine and as a result, choosing acupuncture courses that are right for you can be a tricky business. If you are considering studying acupuncture you may...

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How I came to study acupuncture – Sarah Major

Sarah is a senior lecturer, clinic supervisor and point location co-ordinator at ICOM.  She also runs a busy private practice locally. Here’s what Sarah says about how she came to study acupuncture: I was always a bit of a frustrated medic, I guess. I loved science,...

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