Extra Curricular Activities

To create a balance for the challenging work schedule, the College encourages an active social life. Several functions and events are organised throughout the academic year. These begin with the “Welcoming Party” during the first week of term, followed by the “Christmas Party” at the end of the autumn term. The “Chinese New Year Party” is always a spectacular event and this, together with all the other functions, is enjoyed by staff and students alike. At the end of each academic year a special “Farewell Party” for final year students is arranged to wish them well in their future profession.

Students’ Union

nusThe College is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS), which all students can join. The usual concessions to members are available.

NUS members also receive a constant update on the latest changes in government policies affecting students.Our student representative for the college is actively engaged in pursuing avenues of interest for our students. In addition, students sometimes set up informal clubs for group support or group learning. Currently, they are involved in a Chinese language club, open to all college students.

BAcC Student Affiliation

This is a new initiative, set up in 2006, by the BAcC to bring together students from accredited acupuncture institutions across the UK in order to exchange information. Regular seminars and extra-curricular activities are organised, including an annual September conference.