Acupuncture Practitioner

Elio Basagni

Elio Basagni teaches Point location I and II and Chinese Medicine II.

At the college clinic he also runs the I-COMmunity acupuncture project with the aim to promote the art of Acupuncture making it more accessible and affordable thanks to a multi-bed setting.

He was awarded a BSc degree with first class honours in Oriental Medicine – Acupuncture by the University of Brighton, having completed a four year full time course at the International College of Oriental Medicine where he also gained a Therapeutic Massage diploma.

He feels part of the emerging movement, defined as Classical Chinese Medicine, led by scholars like Jeffrey Yuen, Heiner Fruehauf and Dr. Liu Lihong calling for a re-evaluation of Chinese medicine based on focusing on the classics, especially the canonical writings of the huang di nei jing ( 黃帝內經 – the yellow emperor inner canon)

He has been practicing liu he ba fa (六合八法 ) – an ancient form of Tai Chi – for more than 18 years and he is now teaching it at the college on Monday evenings.

  • Point Location 1 – Lecturer
  • Point Location 2 – Lecturer
  • Chinese Medicine 2 – Lecturer
  • Acupuncture Practitioner in ICOM’s Acupuncture Clinic