Intro to Reflexology & DVD

Tucker, Louise

  • Publisher EMS Publishing
  • Edition 2nd revised
  • First published 2001
  • ISBN 9781903348581

Provides a concisely explained and thoroughly illustrated introduction to a complex subject. Aimed specifically at students, it is designed to be easy to use, informative and readable, covering: History and development of reflexology, Theory and concept, Techniques and applications, How to treat specific conditions, How to carry out a professional consultation

  • Course relevance Bibliographic
  • ICOM Ref. 111.14 – TU

Soft Tissue Manipulation, A Practitioner’s Guide to The Diagnosis and Treatment of Soft Tissue Dysfunction and Reflex Activity

Chaitow, Leon

  • Publisher Thorsons Publishers Limited
  • Edition revised 1988
  • First published 1987
  • ISBN 0722514611
  • Course relevance Bibliographic
  • ICOM Ref. 111.2 – CH
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