Clinical decision making in complementary & alternative medicine

Leach, Matthew

  • Publisher Elsevier
  • Edition 1st
  • First published 2010
  • ISBN 9780729539333

An exceptional health resource addressing professional practice issues in complementary and alternative medicine Clinical Decision Making in Complementary & Alternative Medicine differs from other medical texts by introducing a systematic clinical framework for the practice of complementary and alternative medicine. While comparable titles may explore the use or efficacy of specific complementary and alternative medicine interventions, this indispensable textbook highlights evidence-based interventions, while helping practitioners apply them within a clinical decision making framework. Clinical Decision Making in Complementary & Alternative Medicine is a one-of-a-kind health reference for clinicians, students and educators alike. Divided into two parts – theoretical foundation and practical application – the book includes case studies on health conditions such as acne, irritable bowel syndrome and migraine

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  • ICOM Ref. 900 – LE

Understanding the Consultation, Evidence, Theory and Practice

Usherwood, Tim

  • Publisher Open University Press
  • Edition 1st, 2008 reprint
  • First published 1999
  • ISBN 100335199984
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  • ICOM Ref. 900 – US

Points for Profit

Wolfe, Honora; Strand, Eric; Allen, Marilyn

  • Publisher Blue Poppy Press
  • Edition 4th
  • First published 2004
  • ISBN 189184525 X

If you are starting a practice for the first time or your existing practice needs a kick-start, this is the book you need. It covers everything you need to know about the business of practising acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It includes: scores of pages of downloadable forms, letters, work sheets, and templates so you don’t have to invent them yourself; a well-organised, easy-to-read, compact and humour-filled writing style; condensed “points to ponder” at the end of each chapter; hundreds of resources, websites and tips to make your professional life easy; many effective marketing ideas; and a new chapter on buying and selling a practice

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Introductory Guide to Business & CD ROM

Mann, John

  • Publisher Scot Print
  • Edition 1st
  • First published 2009
  • ISBN 97819033482

Designed to introduce professionals and students alike to the principle ideas, concepts and practicalities involved in setting-up and running a successful business.

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  • ICOM Ref. 902 – MA