from 1974 to 2019

Shona CampbellInvestigate the use of Ac in the treatment of women suffering from nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Ben CarriganFive Element Music Therapy and the Five Tones in the treatment of depression
Alison DalzielThe physiological response to fear and anxiety from Western and Chinese medical perspectives and implications for acupuncture treatment
Rachel MarksA critical literature review of the efficacy of Ac for Primary Insomnia
Victoria NewmanDoes Acupuncture have a role for pain releif in the Emergency Department setting?
Anne VillaThe Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Treating Vascular Dementia
 Ruth BellIs Ac an effective treatment for Allergic Rhinitis? Are we measurung the right thing in the right way?
Caroline CrowtherDoes AC, when given as an Adjuvant Therapy on the day of embryo transfer, improve clinical pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF, as compared to sham, placebo or no Ac?
Anna Marie WakelingIs Ac effective in the alleviation of Fibromyalgia symptoms? A critical lit review of randomised controlled trials
Clare De Fraga GomesThe Role of Acupuncture in treating Infant Colic
Sachiko HatakeyamaCan Auricular acupuncture modulate appetite?
Ping HoThe role of Acupuncture for acute low back pain
Diana O’ConnorTo evaluate the role of Acupuncture for treatment of Sciatica
Ben PrenticeIs sham Acupuncture an appropriate control in Randomised Control Trials?
Rachel SherriffAn unwelcome visitor in the Bright Hall, a critical literature review of acupuncture points selected in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis
Adrian SummerIs there evidence that acupuncture is more than placebo?
Anna TarjanThe role of acupuncture in reducing glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) levels
Claire TindallRole of acupuncture for the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
Helen WereCan acupuncture improve quality of life for those suffering with Parkinson’s Disease?
Luna ZamoraQi Therapy: What is the current clinical evidence?
Debbie DeakinsImpact on Live Birth rates of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) when Acupuncture is used as an adjunct to treatment in women over 35 years of age
Carol Marsh“In males suffering from infertility can acupuncture improve their sperm quality and /or quantity in comparison to usual care or no care?”  
Amanda MillsEffectiveness of Acupuncture for Primary Dysmenorrhoea
Rika SakuraiExamine the relationship between energy imbalance and acupuncture in facial conditions
Pouyan SalimianA review of the efficacy of acupuncture for  dry eye syndrome
Monica Bailey“Strange Disease Often Involve Phlegm”. A critical literature review of historical and contemporary literature to explore the use of the Luo point on Stomach meridian (ST-40) for its action of “dissolving phlegm”
Ralitsa DimitrovaHow does Chinese Medicine approach Asthma and what solutions are offered in terms of acupuncture treatment strategies and methods?
Harrington FreedmanHow do contemporary authors of Chinese Medicine discuss the Liver zang?
Eloise MintonThe foundation of all life: An exploration into the role of the Kidneys in relation to stress, overwork and infertility.
Minh NguyenLife in the Fast Lane. Is there the possibility that Alzheimer’s disease is a natural part of ageing for people that have Kidney Essence Deficiency?
Sue MasonExploring the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Gosia JurekHow do Chinese Medicine Classics describe fear and willpower and how do contemporary authors express their interpretations?
Bowden, WarrenPlantar Fasciitis and Acupuncture
Burchill, BeverleyPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the Effectiveness of Acupuncture as a Treatment Intervention
Harris, PatriciaAn exploration of the concept and needle manipulation techniques of bǔ-xiè.”
Hollings, PaulaHow Acupuncture affects the  brain: an exploration of fMRI studies through the lenses of modern science and Chinese Medicine
Arden, Alison A critical literature review to research the efficacy of acupuncture in reducing pain for patients with fibromyalgia.
Collins, SelenaSeeking perspective through the lens of the Wu Shen – a critical literature review to explore whether borderline personality disorder may be treated effectively with acupuncture.
Martin, LeighExhausted! A journey into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Woods, IoonahA review of translations of Jing ‘Essence’ from early classical Chinese medical and Daoist literature.
Eaton, EmmaA critical review of acupuncture points selected in treatments to minimise natural menopause related hot flushes
Hallonquist, AsaReview of the effects of acupuncture as a treatment method for Endometriosis
Katchoff, ColinHow acupuncture treatment for MS might change if CCSVI is found to be a contributory or causal factor to the disease
Macfie, ChristineRooting the shen: The role of acupuncture in treating insomnia and promoting restful sleep
Roberts, LaurenBitten by the White Tiger: Exploring the Chinese Medicine approach to the treatment of acute Gout.
Saez, Nazan GarciaOverview of Western research methodology in acupuncture research. Achievements and limitations
Ford, EvetteThe concepts of bao.
Harmes, KylieCritical lit review to explore the evidence to support the use of moxibustion as a valid treatment and management regime of breech presentation in final trimester of pregnancy. To investigate the current conventional management protocol and compare/contrast the Western and Eastern approaches.
Higham, RoryAn investigation into the nature of Chong Mai through a comparison of the titles: sea of the twelve meridians and sea of blood.
Karabova, MariaEvaluating the use of Acupuncture for the quality of life of cancer patienes during conventional Oncologic treatment.
Kebbi, NasThe concept of the jing luo system in the maintenance and preservation of life and its integration in the West.
Morris, PaulThe mechanical actions of acupuncture using local and distal points in the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, with particular reference to lower back pain, comparing western medical acupuncture and traditional Chinese acupuncture.
O’Connor, AlexIs there bias in the evidential playing field? A critical literature review of the interpretation of evidence relating to acupuncture for the treatment of depression in the antenatal period; putting evidence into context.
Palmos, MadiA critical literature review of the efficacy of laser acupuncture as an integrative method of Chinese medicine, with emphasis on the effect of laser light on red blood cells (Yin Qi) and the skin (Wei Qi).
Rees, Heather
Sivanesan, DhivyaShedding some light: on the nature of the Shen through transplantation of the Heart.
Weaver, JackA critical  literature review into the therapeutic role of practitioner intention from a classical Chinese medicine and contemporary perspective.
Dimaraki, ValiaDefining Spinal Cord and Secondary Injury According to the Classical Canons of Chinese Medicine, an Exploration of Emergency Intervention Acupuncture to Counter Secondary Injury
Dixon, Anna BethanA Systematic Literature Review of the Effects of Acupuncture for the Treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Hong, Kay (Hae-Kyung)A Review of the Efficacy of Acupuncture for Urinary Incontinence in Comparison with Western Medical Treatment
Lowe, AstridA Review of Treatment Options for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from a Chinese Medicine Perspective
Maynard, MichaelThe Efficacy of Using the Eight Extraordinary Meridians to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Rose, EmmaA Systematic Review of the Effect of Acupuncture on Stroke-Related Motor Function Deficits
Rycroft, NicolaEnergetics in Embryology: Comparative Views on Foetal Development in Chinese Medicine
Tran, QuyenTreating Hypertension with Aupuncture, a Systematic Review
Bond, RebeccaAn Investigation into Adhesive Capsulitis and its Prevalance in Diabetes with a Particular Focus on the Potential Connections with Yin Deficiency and Earth Issues from a Chinese Medical Perspective
Herbelin-Earle, EstelleA Critical Literature Review Into the Support for Acupuncture Efficacy in the Management of Labour Pain versus Western Medicine
Lehane, TraceyA Critical Literature Review to Re-evaluate the Relevance of the Placebo Effect in Western and Chinese Medicine
Meik, RichardA Critical Literature Review to Explore Acupuncture for Chronic Pain and Determine if Sham Acupuncture is an Appropriate Method for Use as a Control in Random Controlled Trials
Netsah, EliazA Critical Review of Theories Proposing an Anatomical Basis for the Channel System of Acupuncture in Fascial Structures of the Body
Pattison, RachelA Critical Literature Review (CLR) of the Evidence to Support the Inclusion of Acupuncture to Increase the Success Rate of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in the Treatment of Female Infertility
Skelton, LindaDementia: A Critical Literary Review to Investigate the Efficacy Acupuncture for Dementia
Staffurth, DeirdreComparison of Acupuncture and Acupressure in the Treatment of Post-operative and Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting Focusing on Pc6
Stokes Myers, SalenaTo Explore Acupuncture and Mindfulness Meditation for the Treatment of Anxiety
Stringer, JennyLiterature Review on the Chinese Medicine (CM) Concept of Addiction, Reviewing Clinical Application in Treatment for Heroin Addiction, Comparing and Contrasting Their Point Selections in Treatment
Warden, DeborahA Comparison of Acupuncture Practice versus Western Medicine for the Treatment of Low Back Pain
Westbrook, ThomasHow Viable is Multi-bed Acupuncture for Practitioners and Patients in the West?
Winchester, KamaljeetAcupuncture as an Appropriate Therapy for Managing Labour Pain
Yates, NicolaA Critical Literature Review to Compare and Contrast the Efficacy of Acupuncture to Western Medicine in the Treatment of Migraine
Annhernu, HayleyThe Dance of the Hun and the Po
Aujla, JaskiranEvaluating the Effectiveness of Acupuncture in the Relief of Cancer Pain
Graham, CarolineThe Chinese Arts of GuQin Playing and Calligraphy: Their Place and Importance in the Pursuit of Inner Self-Cultivation with Discussion Focussed on the Acupuncturist and the Act of Needling
Jackson, JonathanA Critical Literature Review: Can Acupuncture Help Alleviate Pain due to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy?
Sands, VanessaIs Acupuncture Effective as a Treatment for Depression?
Bletcher, JuliaTo Explore Acupuncture for the Treatment of Depression in UK Primary Care
De-Burgh Bradley, JustineIs Acupuncture a Valid Treatment Either on Its Own or In Combination with Western Medical Approach for the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?
Eggers, Sharon‘Finger on the Pulse’, Exploring the Reliability of Radial Pulse Diagnosis as a Diagnostic Technique in Clinical Chinese Acupuncture
Espinosa, StéphaneThe Therapeutic Role of the Practitioner’s Heart In Classical Chinese Medicine and Modern Medical Science, A Critical Literature Review
Hayler, ElinorA Critical Literary Review to Compare and Contrast the Efficacy of Acupuncture and Western Medicine in the Treatment of Postnatal Depression
Knight, AnnabelleA Critical Literature Review to Evaluate the Efficacy of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia
Saez, BenjaminA Study Into Improving Chinese Body Diagnosis Through the Use of Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Methodology
Wheatley, RebeccaCritical Literature Review on the Role of Emotions on the Heart, Particularly Coronary Heart Disease, in Western and Chinese Medicine, and Implications for Acupuncture Practice
Wiltshire, BarbaraProgress and Issues Surrounding Acupuncture for Knee Pain
Withers, AlisaMoxibustion: Exploring the Theory Behind Some of the Many Uses and Applications
Zivcakova, EvaA Comparative Study Between Taoist and Jungian Views of the Human Psyche with Reference to Acupuncture
Broad, SuzanneValidity of Acupuncture to Treat Scar Tissue to Compliment Western Medicine
Cogswell, DavidBipolar Affective Disorder Schizophrenia and Five Phraes Paradigm
Duquenoy, LucyPossible Correlations Between Type 2 Diabetes and the Stem Year of Birth
Higgens, KarenExamination of Approach and Treatment of Chronic Inflammation Using Acupuncture
Hodge, KeithDo Contemporary AC Practitioners Lonny Jarret’s Theory Valid?
Hunt, JamesComparison of Acupunture with Western Modes in Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
Isaacs, StephanieEfficacy of Moxibustion versus External Cephalic Version to Correct Breech Foetus During Pregnancy
Lackenby-Maughan, AnnaChine Medicine East to West: Are We Playing a Game of “Chinese Whispers”?
McElligott, ElmaMoxibustion
Pascal, VilijaExploration of Evidence of Acupuncture Induced Nausea In Cancer Patients
Reed, LesleyExploration of Current Philosophy and Practice Regarding Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture
Shypitka, SusanPatient-Perceived Benefits on Fatigue and Spasticity in MS
Sutton, PreethiUse of Acupuncture in Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programs
Taylor, YvetteAscertain Most Successful Marketing Techniques for Acupuncturists
Watson, TomSick to the Stomach: A Comparative Study of Chinese Medicine and New Western Biomedical Theories in the Understanding of the Emotional Causes and Treatments of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Wheeler, Stephen GSubtle Body: Towards an Informational Theory of Qi
Wilkinson, TraceyInvestigation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Whether Acupuncture Is An Effective Treatment
Williams, LucyIn What Sense Can ‘Earth’ Be Used To Treat All Imbalances And Disease?
Wu, DiTreatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Acupuncture
Borenstein, EfratExploring into a Possible Association between Influenza Pandemic Incidents and Factors within the Stems and Branches Theory
Casciano, SimonThe Opinions and Practises of Practitioners Regarding the Theory and Application of the Extraordinary Meridians in the Treatment of the Endocrine System
Cooper, Angela JoanneTo Compare the Traditional Chinese Medicine Versus the Stems and Branches Approach to Female Infertility In Terms of Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, Treatment Aim and Treatment Administered
Daehler, SandraFemale Infertility: A Review of the Current Approaches to Treatment with Acupuncture and Evidence for Effectiveness
Deane, SallyExploring the Chinese Theory and Application of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Hull, Jo‘Acupuncture May Have Harmful Effects In Early Pregnancy’ Cheong et al (2009) Implications Of the Use of Acupuncture As an Adjunct To In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
Knight, KatieA Comparison of Memory Theory from Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine Perspectives
Laing, RichardThe Use of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Male Infertility
Patenall, BenjaminA Comparison Of the Philosophy, Principles and Practice In the Choice, Location and Needling Techniques for Trigger Points Between Practitioners Trained In Medical Acupuncture, (MA), Versus Those Trained In Traditional Acupuncture, (TA)
Radaeva, LarisaIron Deficiency Anaemia Parallels and Divergences Between Chinese and Western Perspectives Of the IDA
Scott-Russell, EmilyThe Opinions and Practice of Experienced ICOM Trained Acupuncture Practitioners Regarding the Theory and Application of Acupuncture In the Treatment of Infertility
Vickers, Emma JaneAn Investigation into the Usage of Moxibustion in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis, to Encourage Future Research, Reflection and Discussion into Future NHS Clinical trial Protocols
Westmaas, MiroThe Unity of Heaven and Man – An Analysis of Point Names with Reference to Creation and the Heaven / Earth Axis
Yong Yan TanA Literature Review Comparing Su Jok with Ear Acupuncture
Armer, HelenThe Effects of Acupuncture on the Incidence and Severity of Menopausal Hot Flushes in Women Aged 40-60 and if Certain Factors (Patient’s Age, Initial Severity or Frequency of Symptoms) Affect Potential Outcome of Treatment
Crowley, StephenPossible Associations Between Stems and Branches and the Causative Factor
Di Bernardo, AnthonyVerbal Communication in the Therapeutic Relationship in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Complementary to That Presented by the Psychology Model in the UK
Gardiner, StuartIs Acupuncture an Effective Treatment Modality for Osteoarthritis of the Knee?
Houghton, JocelynTo Elucidate the Role of Yi Shi Within the Practice of Acupuncture
Labriola, LoredanaIs There a Physical Correspondence to the Emotions in the Body According to Eastern and Western Perspectives?
Macleod, AlastairTo Determin Which Common Chinese Medical Concepts and Theories Acupuncturists Discuss with Their Patients and How They Approach This
Stenham, MarcA Comparative Study Between the Nei Jing Su Wen’s Doctrine of Wu Yun Liu Qi and ICOM’s Stems and Branches Practices
Varela, ErineAn Investigation of the Possibility of the Use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as an Adjunct to the Practice of Acupuncture in Relation to the Treatment of Psycho-emotional Related Issues
Basagni, ElioThe Six Harmonies: A Study on the Cosmological Titles Used to Define the Six Confirmations and the Six Cosmic Qi
Bradshaw, TamaraAre the Classical Chinese Medical Texts Concerning Embryological Development Relevant In Modern Day Medicine?
Cherry, IsabelHow Is the Theory of the Ten Celestial Stems Experienced in Clinical Practice?
Coats, DaneA Comparative Study of the Actiology and Treatment of the Chinese Medical Wind Stroke and the Western Medical Cerebral Vascular Accident
Manuel, SarahAddiction, Its Origin and Treatment
Ridgway, JoannaSetting Up a Career as an Acupuncturist: Is There a Perfect Formula for Success?
Sewell, ShelleyAn Investigation Exploring the Theory and Application of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease
Bowen-Jones, JudyA Retrospective and Exploratory Audit of Patients Attending the ICOM Acupuncture Clinic (January 2004 – June 2007)
Dean, LucySpace and Time: A Comparative Study of Professor Lee Changbin’s Philosophy of Space and Time in Relation to Stems and Branches Acupuncture Theory
Din, Amy E.Menarche, the Commencement of Menstruation: An Analysis of Existing Literature and Investigation Into Possible Correlations Between Age of Menarche and Stems and Branches Constitutional Type
Ducker, MirandaThe Meridian System as a Continuum of Water: An Examination of the Chinese Hydraulic Analogy for the Meridian System in Conjunction with Its Proposed Western Scientific Basis
Haitzin, RoyThe Extra Cellular Matrix and Its Possible Role in Acupuncture, and Investigation into the Contemporary Scientific View of the Meridian System
Loh, RowanViews of the Heart, Parallels and Divergences Between Chinese and Western Perspectives of the Heart
Shearer, EdwardThe Rational Behind Acupuncture Needling Techniques and The Role of Deqi: An Interview With Five Practitioners.
Son, ManhiAn Examination of the Relationship Between Stems and Branches Philosophy and Clinical Pathology with Particular Reference to the Stem Geng
Tam, MauriceDo Specific Qigong Brocades (Exercises) Have a Noticeable Affect on the Pulse of the Organ They are Designed to Tonify?
Williams, Dominic AlanHow Does Chinese Pathology Manifest in the Stems of Yi, Wu and Gui? Do They Have Any Similar Imbalances in the Five Element System?
Young, LuciePlacebo Effect – Historical and Philosophical Background of the Concept and the Application to Acupuncture Research
Atherton, SarahCircadian Rhythms and the Implications for the Shift-Worker: Western and Chinese Medical Perspectives
Barnwell, KorenExploring Diet and Health: Do Relationships Exist Between Food Preferences and Clinically Observed Health Imbalances that can be Explained by the Concepts of Chinese Medicine and Chinese Food Energetics?
Botsford, ClaireA Pilot Study to Investigate Whether There Are Any Patterns Evident in the Stems and Branches Birth Charts of Patients with Eczema
Cockarill, IndiraThe Web of Life: How the 12 Main Meridians Interrelate During Treatment, with Reference to Theoretical Models and Practical Experience
Duffy, PhilippaUnderstanding Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Comparison of Western Medical and Chinese Acupuncture Diagnostic Frameworks, Treatment Principles and Approaches
Fernwood, KyaIs There An Association Between Death Date and The Birth Chart?
Haynes, SophieA Pilot Study to Observe and Analyse the Physical Location of an Acupuncture Point as Located by Fourth Year Pre-registration Practitioners.
Henarejos, MargaA Comparative Study Between Stems and Branches Theory and Clinical Presentation of Pathology on Patients with the Stem Chia
Hnatink, NikolaiBotanical Acupuncture, the Effect of Differing Frequencies of Acupuncture on the Growth of Phaseolus Coccineus
Ings, TomAn Examination of Variability within the Acupuncture Profession with respect to Diagnosis and Treatment
Jacobs, AlexHypertension: Can Specific Stems, Branches and Divisions Predispose to Hypertension?
Kinloch Bakshy, NikiAn Exploration of How Mental / Emotional Illness Manifests and a Proposal Regarding Its Diagnosis and Treatment
Lind Thorvaldsdottir, TheodoraThe Notion of Anger in Chinese Medicine
Walter, MichaelWhat Does Earth Mean in Chinese Medicine?
Alpass, WilliamAre people born in sin years predisposed to different disorders than people born in ping years?
Campbell, RowanDo Children with a Colon in Metal Stem, Keng, Exhibit Significant Behavioural Differences from Children with a Lung in Water Stem, Sin, During the Developmental Period Between Ages of 1.5–3 Years Old?
Cousins, RobertDo ICOM trained practitioners share the same understanding of how the Midnight Midday Law Open Hourly point Method works?
Dawson, EmilyAn exploration into patients perspectives of healthcare and whether or not these change following a course of acupuncture treatment
Floyd, PamelaSwedish Massage and the Meridian Pulses: Investigating the Affect of Swedish Massage on Qi and Blood as Measured by the Radial Diagnosis
Gastaldi, CathyThe Active Great Movements: Do People Born in a Year Influenced by an Active Great Movement Metal Have More Signs and Symptoms Indicating that Their Wood is Subdued by the Metal Than People Born in Any Other Year?
Lambert, Barbara JaneWhat Effects Do Acupuncturists Believe Acupuncture Has on People with Depressive Illness?
Pattison, JackieOsteoporosis and the constitution
Peron, IvanoInvestigation on how the Five Element theory of CM is applied at the ICOM
Adams, JamesCommon Resonance? Exploring the Influence of the Five Elements on Man’s Likes and Dislikes
Darnell, YvonneHypertension: Is There a Specific Stem That Predisposes Someone to Hypertension?
Dellbovi, MarcusInfluencing the Rhythms of Qi: Investigating the Effects of Qigong on Man as Measured by Pulse Diagnosis
Gooderson, SusanCould acupuncture’s preventive qualities be used to maintain the nation’s health?
Piechoczek, EvelynMenopause and the constitution
Wyn Parry, JohnDo Personal Character Types (Five Elements) Evaluated from Psychometric Tests Compare with Those Identified from the First Pillar, or First Pillar Branch from Stems and Branches Theory?
Glanville, JanWhat Effects, If Any, Do Acupuncturists Believe Acupuncture has on the Emotional and Spiritual Health of People with Life-Limiting Disorders?
Gooding, SamanthaAre the 24 seasons appropriate reflections of weather changes in the UK today?
Mudie, RichardIn what way does Kidney energy vary through habit dependency?
Naseera, AishathCan traditional Maldivian herbal remedies used in post-natal care be explained within the framework of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Ohna, OysteinThe Four seasons as experienced by Man
Preece, PhaoBipolar Affective Disorder, Patterns Found Within Stems and Branches: Do Specific Aspects of an Individual’s Stems and Branches, Which Could Result in Congenital Weaknesses, Predispose the Individual to Develop Bipolar Affective Disorder?
Proebsting, LindaUnderstanding autoimmunity in Chinese Medicine
Simpson, NaomiAcupuncture and Pregnancy: Which Acupuncture Techniques Are Used in Practice During Pregnancy, Following the Five Element Theory, and How Effective Are They Perceived to Be?
Waters, LucyDyslexia: Are Certain Stems or Branches of the Month Significantly More Common, Either Individually or in Combination, in the Dyslexic Students at Brighton University?
West, StephenInsomnia and Fire/Water imbalance
Boyland, PennyDo certain Energetic Relationships Pre-Dispose to the Development of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Cackett, MandyPost Traumatic Stress disorder
Collison, PeterInteraction between Patient and Practitioner, according to the Stems and Branches, The
Couch, AnnaTransforming Anger: Can the Sheng and Ke Cycles be Influenced Using Western Therapeutic Techniques?
Fergusson, SophieUnderstanding sleep- treating insomnia
King, JanVenting the Spleen! An Exploration of the Spleen Organ, Meridians, Points and Point Fuctions
Lee, Tae-HunnThe human psyche and acupuncture: A journey into the Self
Lindeyer, JanePre-menstrual tension, a holistic approach
Mitchell, DianaHistorical development of the Branches and their meaning in our lives
Spooner, PaulSymptom Clustering in Chinese Medicine, Is There Any Relationship Between the Occurrence or Severity of Five Different Symptoms Ascribed to the Pattern Kidney Yang Deficiency in Chinese Medicine?
Underhill, KimThe skin has a story to tell
Wallis, FionaThe sound of usic and the Five Elements
Whitmore, MarisAre you a born worrier? A look at the Five Elements and Stems with regards to anxiety
Williams, GethynMing Men: A Closer Look Behind ‘The Door of Life’
Bennison, AlexandraOff Centre, the Nature and Nurture of Earth
Berlinsky, ShellyThe Transformational Properties of Cosmic Energies and Man
Burry, RuthThe Shen and Colour, an Examination of Their Relationship and the Utility of Colour in Treatment
Christie, CarolWhat Makes an Individual? Common Yearly Meeting Years: 10. KUEI – IV MAO / XII HAI and the Influence of Parental Energies
Dennett, JustineThe Immune System, the Mediator Between One’s True Self and One’s Environment
Einarsdottir, OlofThe beginning of human life
Higgo, AndrewReligion, geography, medicine in three lines – A brief look at the trigrams
Joyce, MilesCultivating Health- The Tao in Theory and Practice
King, SuzetteHow Qi Affects Structure, A Closer Look at the Sacroiliac Joint
Lawless, EileenTowards the Heart of Practice, an Investigation into the Philosophical Basis and Clinical Relevance of the Void in Chinese Medicine
Nash, OliverThe Southern Hemisphere, Stems and Branches
Payton MichelleWalking With the Jade Emperor, Do Individuals Have an Intuitive Awareness and Understanding of the Acupoints and Apply This Knowledge to Support and Balance Their Energies?
Spooner, PaulMovement Into Creation, Energetics of the Body Points in Acupuncture
Wallis, ShahafThe heavenly advice
Adherton, Anna-LouiseLife in Harmony with the Seasons, Wisdom from the Chinese Classics
Hancock, JuliaPsychosoma, the Chakra System of Heaven, Earth, Man
Romanova-Wright, LenkaThe Path to Adulthood
Wong, Ka PoThe Five Elements of Aging
Zeltzer, IanaiSticking to the point – Zusanli ST 36 – On a Journey to the Core of the Earth
Biddle, MaureenThe Breaking of the Link to Life, a Look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Browne, MariaAcupuncture for Lower Back Pain
Cotterill, JulieChinese Medicine and the cause of cancer
Goldenson, MyriamTwo Years of Celestial Concordance of the Great Yi 1949 & 1979
Minto, CraigEast Meets West, Comparing Different Approaches to the Same Reality
Pudduck, JohnPain: A Review of Chinese and Western Medical Perspectives
Shah, JinalQi
Tacey, VirginiaThe Lung and Asthma
Todd, TonyDisorders of the Spirit, Acupuncture and Anxiety
Walton-Hadlock, JaniceRecovery from Parkinson’s disease
White, PeterMan and Climate
Woolf, DeborahFive, The Spiral Way
Berkowitz, SimonImportance of the Dao in Chinese medicine
Dixon, SallyThe Human Condition
Goodeve, GretaInside the Nine Continents
Hayllar, JamesHypertension
Legenhausen, HilkeEating Disorders- An Exploration and Discussion
Rotti, FionaDoes the Tai Chi Symbol Relate to the Lunar Cycle & in Turn to the Menstrual Cycle?
Taylor, BenPathogenesis and Treatment of Arthritis
Warner, AnneBeyond the Double Helix
Burrows, TimChinese Medicine, Western medicine and Diabetes Millitis
Etheridge, PatA Personal Exploration of the Concept of Change in the Symbolism of the I Ching
Hamm, AlexandraShao yang
Hussey, GaryDissertation explaining the stem and branches application of the Shu Points
Kerr, CarolMental Illness
Masure, YvetteRoute to Heaven from Earth, The
Patel, SamuelTrouble in Paradise
Tseng, I-hunA Collection of Poems in Chinese Medicine
Freeman, DeenaIntroduction to chinese language for students of chinese medicine
Hensbroek, Joannes Boele vanAsthma
Hounsome, DavidBeware of the Tiger in your Hand
Stevenson, RodThe Pattern of Existance
Barrio, SashaProduction of Energy
Barry, Martin J.Stroke
Devaux, DonnaCelebrating the Harvest
Eiriksdottir, DagmarHeavenly Creatures
Germain, WendyMeander through the spiritual, elemental and emotional worlds, A
Hanneford, JeffreyCommand Points
Johannsdottir, LindaFood as medicine, a dictionary of food cures and symptoms
Kavanagh, KatheryneSun, Moon and Stars
Maguire, RachelUnderstanding Stress
Major, SarahEmbryogenesis. A Journey of Development
Quinn, Catherine AnnEndometriosis
Sacchini, GuillomeMoxibustion 
Brew, LesleyResonance in the Therapeutic Situation in Acupuncture as an illustration of Kan Ying
Carey-Morgan, SimonInternal Energy Development Through Chi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan
Erler, BeaHIV/Aids in women
Esmondson, MikeThe Twelve Methods of Treatment in Detail
German, KirstenAddiction in Relation to Chinese Medicine
Velleman, RomanNeeedle Techniques from the Huand Di Nei Jing
Zuckerman, DanThe Back and Spine in Health and Disease
Below, Niels vonYin / Yang is universal! True or false?
Campbell, SeanThree Heater and Triple Goddess
Goldenberg, AdiPathology from the Nei-Jing
Goldenberg, AdiPatholody from the Nei Jing 
Hughes, RobertSun, Moon and Patient
Levi, GuyStudy of AIDS, A
McManns EileenHealing Minds and Healing Environments
Ostby, KirstenThe Power of Ones
Zalkinder, ChantalFirst Aid in Acupuncture
Andrews, JennyLife Before Life, the First 21 Days
Andvik, ElsieHow Acupuncture and Articulation-Exercise can be combines
Ashdown, ChristianSleep
Avis, SariEar – Taking a spiral Journey inside, The
Beattie, Karen M.Eight Extraordinary Merdidians, The
Björnstad, Anne-MarieTwo important Organs situated in the upper Heater, The
Cocks, AmandaAn ABC of Body Diagnosis
Cordel, MichaelHoang Ti Nei King So Ouenn, Vol 1
Cordel, MichaelHoang Ti Nei King So Ouenn, Vol 2
Cordel, MichaelHoang Ti Nei King So Ouenn, Vol 3
Cordel, MichaelHoang Ti Nei King So Ouenn, Vol 4
Horton, StephanieRole of oriental medicine in conception, pregnancy and childbirth in the UK
Jeffries, EmmaSkin, The
Longton, EricaQuality of our present day consciousness and…  the organ system of chinese medicine
Nguyen Van Nghi, Dr.Hoang Ti Nei King So Ouenn
Olsen, JuliaBlood, Water and the Feminine Principle
Solberg, OlavThe Void
Solberg, SarahMeridian Awareness
Wright, KeithThe Energetic Anatomy of Man
Alon, GilFire Element in Chinese Philosophy and Medicine, The
Bunkell, ChrisCause of Disease
Fraser, RhonaView of postnatal depressive disorders
Hilewitz, HadassahM.E.
Jones, DianeLife, Death and Immortality
Lip H. OngThe Dance Between the Phoenix and the Eagle
Radford, LouThings Fall Apart: Centre Cannot Hold
Staynes, IsobelConceps of Phlegm East and West
Stone, BarrieMeditation and Healing
Townsend, JacominaConnections between Heaven, Earth and Man
Winton, MargaretThe Progression of Alergy
Aristidou, MarianaTao, Consciousness, the Path of the “Self”
Arnone, SilvioThe Esoteric Anatomy of Man
Burke, G.A.The Psychological Spectrum
Hawk, LizReflections and Speculations
Holmes, Philip D.Qi- a philosophical review
Bie, Ana SwierstraTreat Shen
Blacklock, G.Pills and Potions
Hart, LindsayT’ai Yi, Acupuncture and Holism
Meijlaender, KarinChinese medicine and the mind
Stadlen, PamelaThe Tao That Can Be Told Is Not the Absolute Tao
Coppock, BelindaStems and Branches, how they vary in groups which have a common trait
Coppock, Belinda M.Stems and Branches
Davies, CarolAcupuncture – East and West
Diebschlag, FrancescaComparison of etiological Factors in ancient China and the modern World
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