How to Use the Library

Borrowing in person

  1. Take the item(s) you wish to borrow to the librarian’s desk.
  2. The librarian will stamp the book and card with the due date (2 weeks later from the date of borrowing) and make a note on your borrowing record.
  3. If you are not scheduled to be in on the date the book will be due back in, please tell the librarian at the time of borrowing.
  4. You will be sent a reminder notification the day before your books are due to be back. (Note! Please do not solely rely on the notifications, as technical faults or other issues may mean they do not reach you on time. It is your responsibility to make sure your books are renewed or returned on time.)

Borrowing via the website

  1. You can search the whole library at by following the steps on the home page. This will give you links and further information on your selected book.
  2. From here you can request a title by filling out and submitting the Book your Book(s) form.
  3. The librarian will process your form and email a confirmation that the book is reserved for you to collect.
  4. If you wish to collect the book at a time when the library isn’t open, please detail this on your form and the book will be left for you at reception. Please bear in mind that the library is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays so your requests may not be dealt with straight away.
  5. If you already have 4 books out you will need to return the required number, to enable you to collect your new selections.


  1. You can keep renewing items if they are not reserved by other students.
  2. To renew, contact the librarian either by:
    • Calling 01342 313 106
    • Emailing – [email protected]).
    • Coming to see the librarian in person (you do NOT have to bring the items you are renewing with you).
  3. The librarian will tell you the new due date of the book (please make a note of this somewhere you’ll remember).
  4. If you do not renew on time an overdue fee will be applied to your record. Students with outstanding fees won’t be able borrow books until the fee is settled. If your books are overdue, please contact the librarian as soon as you can to renew books to stop the fees from increasing.
  5. If you do not remember the date your books are due back, please contact the librarian on any of the above ways and they will tell you the due date of the books.
  6. Overdue fees need to be paid in cash.


  • If the item you want is out with another student, or you want to ensure it will be available for when you are next in, you can reserve the book.
  • Reserving is free of charge.
  • You can reserve items by phone, email, via the website or in person.

To reserve a book:

  1. Tell your librarian the title and author of the book. The librarian will inform you of when the book will be returned (or if the book is on the shelf and ready to borrow)
  2. If you have the maximum number of books out, you must return a book for each reserved item before you can take it out (Note! You don’t have to return borrowed items until your reservations are available for you to pick up.)
  3. Once the book has been returned it will be held for you for one week only. If you do not come and take the book out within this time, it will be passed to the next person on the waiting list or placed back on the shelf for other students to borrow.