Printing Rules


  • Printing in the IT room costs 10 pence per sheet.
  • Photocopying in the IT room costs 10 pence per sheet.

Paying & Credit

  • All printing must be paid for in advance or at time of printing.
  • You may purchase printing credit in advance with your librarian. This will be recorded and credit deducted as you print.

Final Year Dissertations

  • Binding of final dissertations may be done at the college. ICOM will provide a binder, combs and plastic sheets free of charge to final year students.
  • The Librarian or Student Administrator can assist by explaining how binding is done if necessary.

Copyright Law

  • You may only copy 5% of books, or one full chapter, as per copyright law.
  • You may only copy 1 full article from journals.

Please note that while the library is closed staff may not be available to issue paper or help with binding. If you are coming in to print and/or bind your dissertation on a day when the library is closed, please check in advance with the Student Administrator or Receptionist.