Library Rules


  • The ICOM library is both a reference and a lending library.
  • Students will be required to pay an £80 deposit at the beginning of the academic year, to entitle them to membership of the library.
  • If all books are returned, this deposit will be refunded in full when the student leaves college.
  • The replacement value of any outstanding library loans will be deducted from the deposit returned to the student.
  • All ICOM staff members are entitled to use the library.                                                                                                                                

Borrowing Library Items

  • A maximum of 4 library items may be borrowed per person at any one time.
  • Library items may only be taken out of the library after they have been issued by the librarian. Any attempt to remove items without having them issued may count as theft.
  • Each user is responsible for all items issued on her/his record until returned to the library per the appropriate method.
  • Each item can be taken out for the duration of 2 weeks, after which period of time the item should either be returned or renewed. If items have been reserved by other students, they must be returned by the due date.
  • Books that are out on loan can be reserved by students free of charge.
  • Texts and materials marked “REFERENCE ONLY” may not be borrowed or removed from the library.
  • Journals may be borrowed if there are two copies held in the library.
  • CDs, DVDs and audio books may be borrowed free of charge.

Library Fees

  • If an item is overdue to be returned, ICOM will charge £ 0.25 per item per day.
  • Students with outstanding fees of any amount will not be able to borrow further books until the fees are cleared.
  • Outstanding fees to the library will be considered a debt to the college and any students with overdue fees will be considered debtors to the college which can impede your graduation.

Damage and Loss of Library Materials

  • You may not write, mark, damage or deface library items in any way. Bookmarks and post-its may be used, but be aware that these will be removed on return of the item.
  • CDs, DVDs and audio or other digital material will be considered “damaged” if the disc is missing, cracked or scratched so that it is unusable or unlikely to be playable again. In the case where there is more than 1 disc in the set, if any of the discs are lost or damaged, the whole set will be considered damaged.
  • The borrower of the item will be charged the price of replacement of lost or damaged items.

Borrowing Library Items During Holidays

  • During summer holidays up to 4 items may be borrowed for the full holiday period, by all students who are members of the library.

Final Year Projects (Dissertations)

  • Borrowing dissertations.

Copies of dissertations which are marked on the front cover with 2 yellow stickers and on the list of titles with a YES can be borrowed from the library.

Any copy which is marked ‘for reference only’ or doesn’t have the yellow stickers, is only for use in the library.

Photocopying from Library Materials

  • Per copyright law, you may copy no more than 1 full chapter of a book or 5% (if copying various pages from more than 1 chapter).
  • From journals, you may not photocopy more than 1 article per journal.
  • From dissertations, you may not copy more than 5%.