In-depth Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis with Jamie Hamilton


5-6 February 2022

In this two-day course, Jamie Hamilton will present The Mai Jing pulse diagnosis in detail. This method of pulse diagnosis is easy to learn, clarifies underlying theory and shows hard to diagnose aspects such as the Five Element constitution and Eight Extraordinary vessel imbalances.

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This method of pulse diagnosis is easy to learn, clarifies underlying theory and shows hard to diagnose aspects such as the 5 Element constitution and 8 Extraordinary vessel imbalances.

The Mai Jing pulse diagnosis technique is presented in detail. It gives a clear picture of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels and importantly gives an accurate reading of the elemental imbalance and CF. This latter aspect is quite a revolution for 5 element practice as the reading very much complements and corroborates findings of CSOE (colour, sound, odour, emotion). It also gives a special insight into the nature of Yin and Yang pulses. With a unique notation method and a clarification of the position and character of the pulse, we can re-discover the dynamic qualities of the pulse qualities that we already know.

The Mai Jing A-B-C-Method is due to be presented in book form in April 2022, see book cover below, as “Essential Pulse Diagnosis” published by Singing Dragon, and this course will give latest insights as found in the book.

With an enhanced method of pulse diagnosis that we are confident in, we can in turn better understand the meaning of certain important topics in Chinese Medicine theory; this makes for a significant difference to clinical results and enjoyment of practice.

Testimonial:  “Enjoyable, articulate and inspiring, I would recommend Jamie’s ‘Mai Jing Pulse Diagnosis’ to almost every acupuncturist I know”. Jonathan C-W, Edinburgh. May 2019

‘Very satisfied; this has opened up the whole subject of diagnosis’. Bruce McCallum

Eligibility: This course is suitable for qualified Acupuncturists and those in their 3rd year of an accredited Acupuncture course.

Date: 5-6 February 2022 10am-4pm
Venue: International College of Oriental Medicine, Van Buren House, Green Hedges Avenue, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1DZ
Cost: £230 (10% discount for students – please email proof of 3rd year student status to [email protected] to receive a discount code)

Places are limited to ensure social distancing. There are extensive Covid-19 safety measures at the college. Masks will be required at all times whilst in the building.


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