For over 10 years, ICOM Graduates and Acupuncture practitioners have been involved in a charitable project in Myanmar training Doctors at the Watchet Jivitadhana Sanga Hospital near Saigang City. The hospital was founded in 1984 as a charitable institution and provides low-cost health services to monks and nuns, as well as the general public. A purpose-built Acupuncture unit has now been added and groups of ICOM Graduates aim to travel there at least once a year to provide training and to treat patients in the hospital.

The project was established by Kirsten Germann and early on Peter van Kervel led a 5 year program leading to the international (WFAS) qualification for the Myanmar Acupuncturists. The volunteer programme is now run by Kirsten, Bea Erler and Jinal Shah, and they have been joined by Director of Clinic Sarah Major and other ICOM graduates to further the education programme. To get a real flavour of what it’s like to volunteer, read Sarah’s diary from one of the trips to Myanmar, and have a look through the photos below that have been taken over the years. If you are an ICOM Graduate with several years’ clinical experience and you’re interested in finding out more, contact Bea, Kirsten or Jinal to find out more.

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