Saturday 27th September 2014 at 7pm


Sandor Szilagyi

You are invited to attend a meditative Bells music event performed by Sandor Szilagyi, Registered Sound Massage Therapist from Budapest.

Embark on a sound journey to your inner self.

Sandor is travelling to East Grinstead to give a special performance at The International College of Oriental Medicine. He plays on the magical sounding recent musical invention Bells. This instrument is tuned to 432Hz that is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe.

Sandor is qualified at the Peter Hess Academy and is a registered sound massage therapist.  When not playing on the Bells he enjoys visiting nurseries and schools to introduce instruments like the steel drum, Jew’s harp, Bells and singing bowls to children.

Book your place – this event is open to anyone interested

Entrance fee is £10. Places are limited, therefore advanced booking is required. Feel free to bring a cushion with you, refreshments will be available.

If you would like to attend please call Betti Simon on 077022 66130 or email at [email protected]

Peter Hess ® Sound Massage:
In 1984, the former physical technology engineer, Peter Hess, began to develop what today is referred to as the Peter Hess Sound Massage and Sound Methods. In his search for alternative healing methods he traveled on more than one occasion to India,Nepal, and Tibet.
It was during these trips when he was first introduced to healing with sound. Today, the Peter Hess® Sound Massage is used successfully by many professionals in the fields of education, counseling, therapy and medicine.

The comprehensive training courses offered by the Peter Hess Institute range from beginners to advanced to highly specialized training. They reflect the many possibilities of how sound massage, sound methods, and singing bowls can be integrated into professional areas. These range from childbirth to student counseling, relaxation to stress prevention, coaching and sound therapy all the way to accompaniment of death.
Sound Therapy Massage & Training at the Peter Hess Academy

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