Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Theory

Our acupuncture course gives students the opportunity to study Chinese Medicine, its philosophies and applications, in the greatest possible depth.

Year 1

During the first year, the Yin/Yang concept and the Five Elements are explored. The general Acupuncture Meridian system is taught and further explored during Point Location classes. An introduction to the Zang/Fu (the organ system) and diagnosis are also studied in the first year. The first year also sees the commencement of Observational Clinics where acupuncture students will have the opportunity to participate in patient treatment by observing an acupuncture practitioner.

Year 2

In the second year, the Zang/Fu, which forms the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) taught in many other Acupuncture Colleges, is covered in more depth. The Meridian system is also revisited and looked at in much greater detail. Further diagnosis and ‘needling’ are taught in theory at this stage. Acupuncture Clinical Observation continues throughout this year. During the second semester, students are ready to learn the theory of Stems and Branches and how the previous semesters’ study is brought together. Additional acupuncture theory is also given in Chinese Pathology. One of the most exciting aspect of this year is that you begin to treat patients in a group practical clinic, with the support and supervision from a licensed acupuncture practitioner. Clinical Observation also continues throughout this year.

Year 3

Throughout the final year, very much a ‘Clinical’ year, you will treat patients on your own, but always with the readily available support of a licensed acupuncture practitioner in our on-site Acupuncture clinic. There is frequent opportunity to discuss case studies and to explore treatment possibilities. Additionally, in this year you will learn Practice Management offering very valuable information needed when they decide to set up in practice.

The support of the personal and clinical development through the final year internship also prepares you for continuing learning throughout your career as an acupuncturist.