Clinic Skills

Our onsite Acupuncture Training Clinic at ICOM also serves as a Teaching Clinic – providing superb opportunities for students to observe experienced acupuncturists at work and learn, through direct experience, the practice of acupuncture under the close supervision of experienced Registered Acupuncturists. All of our practitioners are ICOM graduates and excellently placed to demonstrate clinically the theory encountered on the course. Visit

Personal and Professional Development

Practitioner skill training is built into and developed throughout the acupuncture course. The skills, knowledge and understanding that you learn are enhanced by the training in professional and personal development given through the clinic modules of the course. You will be required to keep a reflective portfolio of your experiences, understanding and learning, enabling you to set and achieve your personal goals and develop the attributes needed to be a caring and competent acupuncture practitioner.

Year 1

The student clinic experience starts from the beginning in the first year observation, this continues throughout the course to enable a gradual accumulation of knowledge and experience in the many varied diagnostic skills involved in Classical Chinese medicine, i.e. pulse taking, tongue diagnosis, body diagnosis, interviewing, listening etc.

There is no need to find your own patients – our clinic staff will do this for you.

Year 2

As students progresses to the second year, clinical training is reinforced with the experience of Practical Days. On these days a patient is seen within small supportive peer groups and a student is in charge of the treatment (fully supervised), this enables the student to put into practice the diagnostic skills learnt.

Year 3

The main focus in the third year is the clinical training, which starts with group clinics as in the second year and moves to one to one interactions that are fully supervised. Here each student begins to treat independently, taking sole responsibility for a patient’s treatment under the guidance and direct supervision of a senior clinic acupuncture practitioner.

In the last term of the third year the students progress to Trainee Clinics, with full responsibility for a patient whilst at the same time still remaining within the safe environment of the College Acupuncture Clinic. Supervision is still available but solely on request of the trainee student. The Trainee Clinics are supported by Case History Discussion Days – scheduled on the timetable – to discuss the cases seen in more detail. The final year sees the full integration of the preceding years of acupuncture study and practice. This “internship” is an essential part of the whole programme of study and experience offered by the College.

What patients at our student clinics say

“My whole experience from start to finish totally exceeded all my expectations. It was my first time and found the whole procedure very professional. I enjoyed every minute of it and will definitely be back.” Mrs B.

“All the student sessions and exams that I have attended have been top notch.” Mr G.

“I had a lovely relaxing treatment to help with my hormones. It has really helped. I have found acupuncture helps me with various ailments. It’s fantastic that the college is able to offer student clinics, it’s great value and so interesting listening to the discussion about the treatment I am having.” – Ms R.

“The student clinic was fabulous – the student was very helpful and explained so much to me about the treatment, she was very skilled and reassuring too- it has really helped me – thank you.” – Ms H.

“Your students are a credit to your college and the tutoring they receive whilst attending.” – Mr T.

“Treatments in the student clinic never disappoint largely because of the outstanding quality of the supervisors and then the students when they do treat unsupervised. It’s a wonderful service and I’m delighted to be part of the training of future acupuncturists. Thank you.” – Ms J.