Professional Development

We aim to produce high quality Acupuncture CPD opportunities for all acupuncturists, not just for those who qualified at our College. Professional and personal development is seen as a life-long learning process and we encourage students and graduates to take responsibility for their own independent learning wherever appropriate. Learning does not stop as you graduate – as acupuncture practitioners it is important to stay up to date and to enhance your skills and knowledge as your experience deepens.

Before booking any of the listed events, please check the Entry Requirements for each CPD. 

For Practical Acupuncture Courses evidence of your qualification is required. Students of a recognised acupuncture course in their final year of study can sometimes participate in practical CPDs, having had hours of practice in clinic and with the understanding that they will not be allowed to use some of the techniques learnt until registered and appropriately insured. Please email us with any queries about our CPD events: [email protected]

Tuina Intensive Course 1: Musculoskeletal External Conditions

Rosey Grandage
27th-28th-29th September & 12th-13th October 2019

This is the first of two intensive tuina courses in which we teach a versatile range of techniques to enhance your practice

Bi 痹 Syndrome

Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée
19th October 2019

This lecture will explain what, in classical Chinese medicine, is known as Bi syndrome (obstruction, block or impediment).

A Study of Insomnia

Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée
20th October 2019

A comprehensive study of insomnia from a classical Chinese Medicine point of view.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Paul Adkins
23rd November 2019

This intensive one day course will be a mixture of theoretical and practical sessions, focusing mainly on the latter, with opportunities to practise on fellow students and carry out a full FEA treatment.

Tuina Intensive Course 2: Internal Conditions

Rosey Grandage and Sandra Hill
6th-7th-8th of December & 11th-12th January 2020 

This is the second of two intensive tuina courses in which we teach a versatile range of techniques to enhance your practice.

Ear Acupuncture: Integrating Auricular Therapy into your Current Practice

Paul Blacker
8-9th February 2020 

Attending this workshop will enable you to develop new practical and patient handling skills, new acupuncture needling techniques and practical non-invasive treatment approaches to use with your clients. 

Wei 痿 Syndrome

Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée

7th March 2020

Wei (痿) syndrome (often translated in English as “wilting”, “limpness”, “atrophy”,  or “atony”) is only fully understood by studying the texts presenting its primary causes. The best is the Suwen chap.44, which is studied in depth in this course.

A Study of Headaches

Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée

8th March 2020

Headache is probably one of the most frequent disorders among patients looking for a traditional acupuncture treatment. Headache can be a symptom and/or part of a more complex pathological situation. This lecture looks at the various causes for headaches found in classical Chinese medicine texts such as the Huangdi Neijing (Suwen and Lingshu), Nanjing, Shanghanlun, JIngui yaolüe, Nanjing and JIayiijing.

Scar Tissue Rejuvenation and Trauma Treatment – Using the Gold Teishin

Philip Strong
30th May 2020

In this practical CPD delegates will learn how to use a golden non-penetrating needle, called Teishin, to offer an efficacious alternate technique to patients suffering with the debilitating effects of surgery.