Organisation of the College

The College, as its name implies, has international recognition, and students from all over the world travel to England to come to this renowned centre of Oriental medicine. Over the past 28 years, many students have graduated from ICOM (UK) as well as from those Colleges elsewhere that Dr. van Buren was involved with, to go on to provide much-needed healthcare to many sick and injured people all over the world. Some have gone on also to become prominent leaders in the field of Oriental medicine in their own right.


hua_tuoICOM is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation.  The day-to-day management and administration of the college is carried out by the Management Team, comprising members of the student administration, clinic and support teams and headed by the Principal.  The Team meet monthly and is often attended by a representative from the Board of Governors.

The Management Team is accountable to, and guided by the Board of Governors.  Our Governor members are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds other than Oriental medicine, although teaching staff is also represented there.  They are responsible for overall institutional and academic direction and strategic planning.

The Course Committee comprises all faculty and faculty support staff who meet three times a year to review academic standards, discuss and evaluate course material, monitor course and course delivery and also to find ways to continue to develop and enhance learning and teaching.

Our Faculty

All of our teaching team are also specialists or practitioners in their own fields, mostly in acupuncture but also in osteopathy, clinical psychology and other areas of Chinese medicine or conventional medicine.  Our teachers are passionate about helping students to achieve their best; we are fortunate to have a large group of highly qualified and professional individuals who are very enthusiastic to deliver a comprehensive, rigorous and personalised training in acupuncture.

Our students benefit from the fact that faculty are qualified teaching professionals in their own right and also from the continuity derived from lecturers being personal tutors and clinic supervisors.  This combination of professional teaching skills, passionate practitioners, relatively small class sizes, and a strong commitment to academic and clinic excellence results in a high level of personal student support and attention.

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