Acupuncture Course Content

The Acupuncture course at ICOM gives you the opportunity to study Chinese Medicine, its philosophy and clinical applications, in the greatest possible depth at undergraduate level.

We are now delivering a proportion of our lectures online, with lectures in person at the college for practical and certain other sessions. This enables you to reduce your travel time, and is especially beneficial for those who live some distance away or those who are juggling their studies with work and family. Tutorials are provided for our extensive online learning platform are provided.

You can choose to study our Acupuncture course full time (3 years) or part time (4-5 years). The 3rd year is only offered on a full time basis because we believe that it is crucial for your professional development to integrate all aspects of Acupuncture practice. Below are the subject modules based on a three year full time programme.

Year 2

Year 3

  • Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture Point Location
  • Applied Chinese Medicine
  • Clinical Skills
  • Supervised and Trainee Clinic
  • Dissertation

The tables below show how the different modules are divided across full and part time programmes.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Theory Our acupuncture course gives you the opportunity to study Chinese Medicine, its philosophies and applications, in the greatest possible depth. Here's how it's taught based on the three year full time programme: Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 1 During the first year, you'll explore the Yin/Yang concept and the Five Elements. [...]

The point(s) of Acupuncture

The point(s) of Acupuncture There are many aspects involved in becoming a successful acupuncture practitioner. However, one of the most important is the practical ability to be able to ‘find’ or ‘locate’ acupuncture points skillfully, accurately and with a great deal of sensitivity. Year 1 In our point location course, during the first year you [...]

Western Medicine

Western Medicine As well as the in-depth study of Classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture students also receive a thorough training in Western Medicine, which they complete by the end of the second year. Year 1 In Year 1 you will learn Anatomy and Physiology. Firstly, Anatomy concentrates on topographical anatomy dealing in depth with the musculoskeletal [...]


Research As a healthcare professional the Acupuncturist is a lifelong learner. We aim to equip you with the key research skills of enquiry, critical thinking, and clear communication as you travel through the Course, enabling you to apply a range of skills to your clinical practice. Skills In Years 1 and 2 of our Course [...]

Clinic Skills

Clinic Skills Our onsite Acupuncture Training Clinic at ICOM also serves as a Teaching Clinic – providing superb opportunities for students to observe experienced acupuncturists at work and learn, through direct experience, the practice of acupuncture under the close supervision of experienced Registered Acupuncturists. All of our practitioners are ICOM graduates and excellently placed to [...]

Reasons to Study at ICOM

There are many reasons to choose ICOM for your Acupuncture training. Here are just some of them. Come along to our next open day and you’ll discover many more… You will study at the UK’s longest established Acupuncture training college. We have trained first class Acupuncturists for fifty years. You’ll also learn all of the […]