ICOM Plus Graduate Scheme

Welcome to ICOM Plus, our postgraduate support programme. ICOM Plus is a developmental and supervisory initiative for all ICOM Graduates designed to support your personal and professional development as acupuncturists. It is aimed at co-ordinating, deepening and formalizing our community of practice. 

ICOM Plus is a space for accessing practice resources unique to ICOM, providing a virtual space for meeting, discussion and exchange of ideas, and for organising bespoke practical workshops and CPD activities. 

How much does it cost?

Membership costs £120 per year/£10 a month.

What’s included?

Access to our monthly on-line sessions. A 2-hour long meeting, on a Tuesday evening – facilitated by an experienced acupuncturist. Topics for discussion vary but may include

  • Pathology seminar – how to read blood tests
  • Complex case history presentations
  • Pathogenesis of Chronic disease
  • Marketing and website management
  • Supervision Session – Open forum – how is practice going?
  • Patient practitioner relationship

Access to on-line resources – this includes: 

  • A dedicated TEAMS platform and message board for communication and access. 
  • Chinese medicine podcasts – especially those related to Wu Yun Liu Qi 
  • Point location podcasts 
  • Western pathology podcasts 
  • Exclusive access to the late Giovanni Maciocia’s archive of power point presentations on a wide spectrum of Chinese Medicine related material. 

Free training in SU WEN herbs – this herbal medicine course will hone your diagnostic skills and enable you to prescribe SU WEN herbs to those patients that need them. You will be invited, for free, to join the course where you will attend 10 teacher led lectures of two and a half hours. With the accompanying manual you will then be allowed to prescribe these patent herbs! Add a valuable skill to your practice. 

Bi-Monthly practical workshops – dedicated to honing practical skills these sessions may include: 

  • Point location practice 
  • Needle technique 
  • Pulse taking/balancing 
  • Moxa 
  • Cupping 
  • Gua Sha 
  • Palpation 
  • Qi gong 

These sessions will be provided to members at a reduced cost of £30 for half a day and £50 for a full day.

15% discount for ICOM CPDs and priority booking*

*15% discount applies to CPD courses led by a member of the ICOM faculty team. Discounts for CPDs with external speakers will be at the discretion of the tutor.

Please note ICOM Plus is only available to qualified Acupuncturists who have graduated from the International College of Oriental Medicine.

Group of Acupuncturists listening to Tony Todd talking in a lecture room
A group of Acupuncturists taking part in a pulses workshop with Tony Todd in a classroom.