International Community

We are delighted to be working in partnership with overseas organisations to assist in finding volunteer Acupuncturists to contribute their skills for vital projects. Some are clinics that treat some of the poorest people in the world, others provide training for Acupuncturists where otherwise none is available. The community is also actively helping fledgeling Acupuncture colleges overseas with shared values to establish themselves. 

Our International Outreach programme provides a fantastic opportunity for ICOM graduates to gain incredible clinic experience overseas. Many of our students have travelled to volunteer in projects in Myanmar, Nepal and a new project in Sri Lanka is currently being established.


Mission Statement

The mission statement for the International Outreach Programme is as follows: 

  1. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and direct working experience linking Acupuncture projects and Colleges internationally. 
  2. To promote the spreading of Classical Chinese Medicine and its implementation to help local communities. 
  3. To support volunteer Acupuncture projects in places of need. 
  4. To provide support to fledgeling Acupuncture Colleges to get established. 
  5. To facilitate international travel and mutual exchange of qualified Acupuncturists for the purpose of volunteering in projects as well as teaching and exchanging knowledge. 
  6. To facilitate Acupuncture research internationally. 
  7. To facilitate student/ teacher exchanges between colleges.