The point(s) of Acupuncture

There are many aspects involved in becoming a successful acupuncture practitioner. However, one of the most important is the practical ability to be able to ‘find’ or ‘locate’ acupuncture points skillfully, accurately and with a great deal of sensitivity.

Year 1

In our point location course, during the first year you will be given a comprehensive grasp of the anatomical location of a range of key acupuncture points (the most commonly used points in acupuncture practice) using theory and practical skills.

You will learn the classical features, categories and actions of these points, and begin to develop an understanding of the related Chinese Philosophical concepts.

This will take place in a supportive environment where you can learn about and reflect upon the issues of intimacy and respect, as well as learning skills about your own energy management, when working physically with other people.

Year 2

In the second year you will complete the process of learning the anatomical locations of all the remaining channel points together with their features and actions in order to create a solid foundation for your future clinical practice.

You will conclude the process of learning the internal pathways and connections of the main channels while consolidating your location skills.

During the second year your focus will shift from the basic mechanics of anatomical location to a more subtle energetic refinement of your technique. The map is, after all, just a map and not the ‘terrain’. You will be guided to the discovery of the ‘feel’ of Qi at a point by exploring the immediate area of its anatomical location and you will refine your ability to discern the quality, quantity and movement of Qi.

The goal in terms of teaching is to guide you towards an understanding of the relationships between points, the 3-dimensional and inter-connected nature of the Channel System and the theories and philosophy informing Classical and contemporary Chinese Medicine so that you can apply this understanding to an authentic clinic scenario.

There is considerable one to one ‘hands-on’ supervision, with ample opportunity to ask questions and be guided individually.


Year 3

In the third year Point location is about refining, consolidating and further developing the knowledge gained in the two previous years; including the anatomical locations of meridian and non-meridian acupuncture points (extra points), their application in relation to clinical signs (symptoms, body signs, pulses etc) and how to apply this knowledge in an authentic clinic scenario.

During this year the physiology, pathology and pathways of the secondary channels are taught. Lessons are of a more practical nature and deal with needle technique, combination and application. You will develop an awareness of the importance of your posture, your state of mind and your patients body position in relation to needling.

On completing the course you will have a comprehensive grasp of the channel system, in its totality (all the points and all the pathways), and you will be able to conceptualise how the actions of points and their anatomical location inform the energetic framework of Chinese Medicine.