As a healthcare professional the Acupuncturist is a lifelong learner. We aim to equip you with the key research skills of enquiry, critical thinking, and clear communication as you travel through the Course, enabling you to apply a range of skills to your clinical practice.


In Years 1 and 2 of our Course we build and develop knowledge, understanding and skills to equip students with the necessary academic tools to be able to undertake the Dissertation in Year 3. As you work towards this, you will learn of your own effective learning strategies, understand the difference between good and poor qualify sources, learn to critically evaluate information, communicate effectively, and gain a good overall understanding of research principles, methods and techniques. In Year 2 you will choose an appropriate topic for your Dissertation and start to prepare for it.

The challenges of applying western style research techniques to the world of acupuncture and Chinese medicine are explored, as is the range of both qualitative and quantitative study. These skills are developed in class using example, demonstration and practice, and through independent study.


Building on the first two years of research skills knowledge, in Year 3 you will carry out a Dissertation, a critical literature review on a topic of your choice. This allows students to deepen their understanding of Chinese philosophy and link this clearly to clinical practice. Your lectures include more time for individual attention in order to progress your Dissertation. In addition students are allocated personal Dissertation Supervisors who support and guide through the process.

We believe that preparing and encouraging students to carry out effective research means that as qualified Acupuncture practitioners they are equipped to contribute to the research base and development of the profession.