What is the ICOM Community Project?

The ICOM community project is a project of our own choosing, which all students are required to complete each year as part of their Personal & Professional Development module. It is something that contributes to college life, or to the role of the college within the community. Each project is approved by the management team prior to completion.

Why did you decide to offer a STR workshop?

I decided to offer the STR workshop because I believe it complements acupuncture treatments and would be a useful addition to the students and practitioners’ repertoire.

What are the main benefits of STR?

STR can help to release general muscle tension as well as more specific areas of fibrous adhesions (knots) within the soft tissue of the body.

Does this treatment work well with acupuncture?

As the soft tissue blockages become released, it is possible that this may help to encourage an ‘opening up’ of the acupuncture channels prior to needling.

This was a very popular workshop – why?

I offered the same workshop last year and I’m happy to say that it received a lot of positive feedback. Some students repeated it again this year and others who perhaps couldn’t make it last year were keen to attend. I was very happy with the response and the lovely feedback from everybody.

What year are you in at ICOM?

I have just completed year 2.

What are you most enjoying about the ICOM course?

That’s a difficult one to answer as I’m enjoying so many aspects of the course; not just the lessons (which are inspiring) but also the companionship and the feeling of belonging to an amazing community of like-minded people.

Have you thought of training to be an Acupuncturist?

Book a place at our Next Open day: Friday 13th July 10am to 12.30pm.