My main area of focus is to work with patients suffering with conditions that go beyond simple, physical trauma. The Classical Chinese medicine theories taught at ICOM have given me a fresh perspective on such conditions and enable me to in see how contemporary health problems can be seen in the light of ancient wisdom. As well as paying close attention to the presenting signs and symptoms and the patient’s history, I also take into account Stems and Branches information, additional information from the Four Pillars, the Hourly Points and the Mystic Turtle points; I roll this myriad of information around in my mind to select point combinations that feel appropriate from many different perspectives. This is when the creativity starts to happen, the point at which acupuncture feels as though it is a form of healing art.
Since graduation I have taken many interesting CPD courses such as studying the use of acupuncture through pregnancy with Debra Betts and learning about the powerful effects of guasha with Arya Nielson. I continue to deepen my understanding of the ancient classics by studying with Edward Neal and I am quietly improving my interpersonal skills as I continue training to become a Hakomi practitioner (body centred psychotherapy); skills that dovetail beautifully with my acupuncture practice.