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Galit Hughes

Galit Hughes: Experienced Acupuncturist & Teacher

Galit Hughes has more than 17 years experience as an acupuncturist. Having graduated from ICOM in 1993, she taught also Chinese Medicine in Israel after her studies at the International College of Oriental Medicine.

As an acupuncturist, Galit now practices and teaches Acupuncture in the ICOM Acupuncture Clinic. Galit Hughes and her husband Rob also own two successful Natural Therapy centres in Sussex namely, Gaia, in Forest Row and Horum Natural Therapy Centre.

Galit has a particular interest in Acupuncture for Fertilily, having treated many people in regards to this. Galit is also particularly adept at massage, having been the module leader for massage in the past at ICOM.

Besides being an acupuncturist, Galit is also the author of  ‘Baby Massage – A Comprehensive Step-by Step Guide’.