Read about Alex’s experience on ICOM’s acupuncture course so far and why she decided to study at our college

ICOM in bloom

ICOM in bloom

As the end of my second year looms on ICOM’s acupuncture course, I have taken a moment to reflect on my journey so far.

In 2010 I decided to alter the course of my life to study Acupuncture; switching from a career in the rapidly evolving world of 3D computer animation to study the ancient therapy of acupuncture.

I started to look into how to learn the necessary skills, looking for an acupuncture course and an environment that would support me through the processes of self-development and awakening. I also wanted an environment where the emphasis would be on learning beyond the manual skills necessary to treat patients with needles.

The small class sizes at ICOM appealed to me, as well as the course emphasis on classical acupuncture and ancient Chinese philosophy. My decision was finalised when I went to visit the college for an Open Day, something about the calmness of the space drew me in, in spite of having offers to study at two colleges much closer to home!

What is special about ICOM’s acupuncture course

The small classes and informal, friendly nature of the staff at ICOM have made my induction into Chinese medicine so easy; we are valued as individuals within the class dynamic which encourages open debate and discussion.

The time spent at ICOM as a student feel like the beginning of a long road which I hope to travel for many years. Alongside a thorough grounding in ancient Chinese medical philosophies I have been introduced to the art of mindfulness and the benefit of self-reflection as part of our Personal and Professional Development modules. I feel as though I am developing myself as a human being alongside gathering the knowledge, skills and understanding required to progress as an acupuncturist.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to alter my direction to study this fascinating, deeply stimulating subject, a subject that is deep enough and broad enough to provide endless scope for personal and professional development in the future.”

Alex, Year 2