Tony Todd is the course leader for Chinese medicine theory for the year one students at ICOM. In the video below, Tony gives an overview of the Chinese medicine module taught to the first year acupuncture students.

The first part of the module deals with the historical development of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and aims to give the students a firm grounding in not only the heritage of this fascinating medical practice but also the mindset behind the overall development of the discipline through the centuries.

The module then follows on more in depth with regards to the traditional thinking used by acupuncturists in order to diagnose and treat their patients. Tony spends a great deal of time working with the students, helping them to grasp this way of thinking in order to prepare them for the second and third years when they will actually get to apply this knowledge in clinic with real patients.

A very important aspect of Chinese medical thinking concerns itself with organ theory, channel theory and the the creation and purpose of the bodily substances and energetics.

The latter aspect of this module in year one focuses itself around the development of illness and how they arise along with theĀ application of the different modalities used in Chinese medicine theory, the methods of diagnosis and the clinical applications to help alleviate illness and disease.


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