Significantly enhance your ability to effectively treat a wide range of diseases through our quality lectures and supported study with the leading practitioner-researchers in the UK.

Starting in September 2018, the White Crane Academy (WCA) is providing a new, exciting, 3-year CHM course held at the International College of Oriental Medicine, East Grinstead.

“We are delighted to announce that the first White Crane Academy Chinese 3 year herbal medicine course will be running at ICOM from September 2018. The training promises to be rigorous and is very reasonably priced so it is a great opportunity to add an herbal dimension to your acupuncture practice.” Andrew Flow

For more information, visit the White Crane Academy website.

Are you ready to grow your practice.Andrew Flower – Bio
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine, Teacher at White Crane Academy

Andrew Flower has been practising acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) since 1992. On graduating he gained a wide range of experience working in private practice, and within the UK National Health Service and voluntary sector working with people with HIV/AIDS and with drug and alcohol addictions. He is a past President of the UK Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and has advised the European Herbal Traditional Practitioners Association on developing research strategies in Europe.

In 2009 Andrew completed his PhD at The University of Southampton exploring the role of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of endometriosis. He has published a number of peer-reviewed papers relating to Chinese medicine research, including two Cochrane systematic reviews. He co-ordinated an EU project that prepared guidelines to improve the quality of clinical trials into Chinese medicine.

In 2011 he was awarded a 5 year NIHR Post-doctoral Fellowship to investigate Chinese herbs for the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs) that has resulted in the RUTI trial that started recruiting in Feb 2016. He has a special interest in providing supportive treatment for people with cancer. He is a founder member of the White Crane Academy of CHM and is passionate about the therapeutic potential of herbal medicines…and the importance of rigorous training to ensure this potential is realised.