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  • Master Tung Acupuncture treatment on a hand

    Master Tung Acupuncture – Foundation Course

    Starts August 2024 (Various dates)

    A complete system with its own channels, points, diagnostic methods and needling techniques, Master Tung style Acupuncture is renowned for its clinical efficacy. This style of treatment is gaining rapid popularity due to the immediacy of its success in treating pain, both acute and chronic.

    The Foundations of Master Tung Acupuncture programme is structured to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of this style. This course will predominantly be delivered in person at the college in East Grinstead, with some online theoretical sessions as follows:

    Thursday 29 August 2024 – 3 hour Zoom session
    Thursday 5 September – 3hr Zoom session
    Friday 13 September – full day in-person 9am-6pm
    Saturday 14 September – full day in-person 9am-6pm
    Sunday 15 September – full day in-person 9am-6pm
    Thursday 26 September – 2hr Zoom session
    Thursday 10 October – 2hr Zoom session

    Please note this course is only open to professional acupuncturists subject to submission of proof of sufficient qualification and/or experience. Please send proof of eligibility to [email protected] for approval prior to booking.

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  • Needles in upper leg during Master Tung Acupuncture treatment

    Master Tung Acupuncture – Advanced Course

    14-15 September

    The renowned Master Tung teachers are returning to ICOM for a second year in a row. Alongside the popular Foundation course, there will be an Advanced programme which has been designed for practitioners who have a good knowledge and experience of Master Tung acupuncture.

    The course will cover:

    • Palm Diagnosis 
    • Revision and Needling Techniques 
    • Vascular Autonomic Signals 
    • Case Histories 

    The course is delivered over the course of 2 days for a total of 18 hours.  

    9am-6pm with one hour for lunch. 

    Please note that due to the level of knowledge required, this course is only open to those who have experience in Master Tung acupuncture.

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  • The Bazi Calendar

    The Ba Zi as a Way to Understand Internal Causes of Disease

    Saturday 19 October 2024
    (7.5 hours CPD with optional Introduction to Ba Zi course)

    In this seminar Elio Basagni will look at how the Day Master (日元 ri yuan) of a八字 ba zi chart is affected by the season of birth, its root and formation. We will explore the five factors and the ten gods – (十神分析 shi shen) and how they affect our journey through life.


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  • Moxibustion image

    Treating Root and Branch with Rice Grain Moxa

    Saturdays 2nd and 9th November 2024
    (16 hours CPD)

    This two day theoretical and practical workshop has been carefully designed for practicing Acupuncturists to enhance their understanding and broaden their application of moxibustion within clinical practice. Each participant will both give and receive a full treatment.

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  • Sale! The Cover of Beverley de Valois' book entitled 'Acupuncture and Cancer Survivorship' which is published by Singing Dragon

    Acupuncture and Cancer Survivorship

    With Beverley de Valois PhD

    22-23 March 2025

    This course aims to make acupuncture professionals aware of the issues of cancer survivorship, inform them about how acupuncture can address the late and long-term consequences of cancer treatment, and empower them to treat cancer survivors.

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  • Sale! Two acupuncture needles and some stones. There is a flower in a dish in the background.

    Introduction to the Safe Practice of Acupuncture in Cancer Care

    With Beverley de Valois PhD

    12 July 2025

    This 1-day session for Acupuncturists introduces the subject of cancer and provides a fundamental understanding of cancer and its treatments, and of some of the side effects of these treatments.

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  • Sale!

    Interpreting the Zangfu 臟腑 Organs of Chinese Medicine 1 – Liver and Heart – recorded 3/5/2020

    A recording of the first of three seminars exploring key characters and phrases related to the twelve zangfu 臟腑 organs, deepening your understanding of their function and dysfunction. This seminar covered the Heart and the Liver.  A link to the recording will be sent upon purchase.

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