Our tutor and practitioner Rebecca has sent news from China where she’s on a placement through the Confucius Institute, part of an exchange program that sees a number of Chinese Doctors from Harbin come to the BAcC conference in September.

 ‘We are observing different clinics…they are all separated into western med departments.  So I’ve been to Neurology, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Tuina. Tomorrow we’re seeing gynaecology and Nephrology.  Very protocol based but observed some interesting treatments. It’s -6 degrees here at times and no heating….cold! Very western med approach to acupuncture… more CM diagnosis used in herbs.  Up to 80% of patients have a stroke…high risk up here in the North due to cold and high salt, fat and sugar diet.  Scalp acupuncture used on every patient with same protocol of body points for everyone. Needles inserted at lightening speed as the doctors often treat 100 patients just in the morning.  Impressive needling but hygiene boundaries interesting!’