Justine graduated from ICOM in 2002. Since then, she has practised acupuncture, in various clinics in Brighton, in the Community and at The Sussex Beacon -primarily focusing on Women’s Health.

In 2015 whilst her son was at primary school and following post grad courses with Ninette Sapir, Justine extended her practise to Paediatrics and started treating children in her clinic. She uses needles and non-needle modalities in clinic including cupping, moxibustion, gold magnets and essential oils to address health issues and restore wellbeing. Throughout her career, Chinese Medicine’s principles of nutrition have provided the foundations to her approach, which she then imparts in tailored, manageable tips for her patients.

She has attended courses by Daverick Leggett and Andrew Sterman, both leading teachers in the field. Consequently, Nutrition has become an integral part of her treatment and enabled her to provide personalised nutritional guidance documents.

Justine’s passion for Chinese Medicine means she wants to make it accessible for everyone. She aims to do so by simplifying her knowledge so it’s understandable and relatable for all.

In her spare time, she is a bit of an alchemist and enjoys foraging for local medicinal produce, spreading the joy of natures powerful healing properties.

Justine teaches Applied Chinese Medicine (Paediatrics & Food Energetics).